The brand new, revived Volga GAZ-24 2022-2023 is presented in exclusive photos: better than Toyota Camry?

car series GAZ company today includes, in fact, only specialized models. Each of them is designed to solve specific problems. Such a narrow specialization makes the GAZ company dependent on the market: any negative changes accompanied by a drop in demand for commercial vehicles will have a bad effect on the financial condition of the Gorky Automobile Plant. Under these conditions, it is necessary to work on expanding the model range by creating a car that will be focused on a wide audience.

The solution to the described problem could be the launch of the production of an inexpensive crossover. However, this segment of the Russian market is overcrowded today, which creates certain difficulties with the launch of a new model. In connection with the above, it turns out that in order to solve this problem, GAZ needs to return the Volga sedan to the market. This car, firstly, is designed for a mass audience and, secondly, will be presented in the market segment in which there are still “free” places.

The domestic designer created a series of renderings showing the possible design of the future Volga. According to the author’s idea, the Russian model will represent the segment of business sedans, becoming a direct competitor Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata And Kia K5. At the same time, the new GAZ-24 Volga 2022-2023 is likely to be cheaper than the listed models.

The appearance of such a sedan on the Russian market is beneficial and Volkswagen, which may become one of the participants in the project to revive the car. The German concern can supply GAZ with its own platform, engines and transmissions necessary to create such a model. The Gorky Automobile Plant does not yet have the technologies that will be required to develop the new Volga. The presented sedan can take an intermediate position between the current Jetta And Passat. That is, having returned to the Russian market, Volga will not become a competitor for Volkswagen products. At the same time, the revived sedan will bring additional profit to the German company.

The return of the Volga is all the more likely, given that GAZ is currently working on expanding sales markets. And it is possible that soon the company will appear in China, where today there is a relatively high demand for cars of this class.


According to the idea of ​​the author of the published renderings, the revived GAZ-24 Volga 2022-2023 will combine stylistic solutions typical for both Soviet and modern cars. But the design mostly “gravitates” towards the latter. The new Volga promises to be a technologically advanced car with retro elements.

The revived sedan stands out with a long body with a slightly sloping roof and strongly sloping C-pillars, which makes the Russian model look a bit like the latest. Hyundai Sonata и That K5. At the same time, the “front end” of the Volga has an elongated shape, which is typical for Toyota Camry and a number of other business sedans. Taken together, this design is likely to appeal to buyers in China, where long-body vehicles are preferred.

The new Volga resembles its predecessor only thanks to the original radiator grille with a thin metal edging. Its pattern is made up of numerous vertical lamellae. The oval-shaped head optics has a non-standard graphics for many modern sedans. As with Mazda 6, with which, by the way, the new Volga will also compete, the Russian model has large round headlights inside. From below, they are, as it were, underlined by an LED strip, which will probably act as a DRL or direction indicators. And in the area located next to the radiator grille, there are also compact lights of a round shape, the purpose of which is still unknown.

The front bumper of the new “Volga” is designed in an emphatically sporty style. Moreover, visually it is similar to those that Mercedes-Benz installs on its sedans in the performance of AMG. The front bumper of the GAZ-24 Volga 2022-2023 is complemented by large central and side air intakes. Inside the latter are LED strips, which also emphasize the sporty style of the body kit.

The feed of the presented model is distinguished by its concise design. The rear part of the body of the new Volga is similar to that of the Hyundai Sonata two generations earlier. The Russian novelty received a compact aft optics with LED filling, between which a chrome molding is laid. The rear bumper is also sporty with oval tailpipe outlets.


As noted above, Volkswagen should take an active part in the development of the new Volga. Thanks to this, the Russian model will have access to German technologies. Probably, in the basic modifications of the new Volga, you can see a 1.5-liter turbo engine that develops no more than 150 hp. Although it is possible that Volkswagen will provide the “old” supercharged 1.4-liter engine for the Russian model. But the power of the latter is also likely to be increased to 150 hp. The 125-horsepower version of this engine will not be powerful enough for such a large sedan.

Optionally, with the Russian model, they should offer a 2-liter turbo engine, the return of which will be limited at around 190 hp. The introduction of a 220-horsepower version of this engine will be unprofitable for Volkswagen. This is explained by the fact that in this case, the GAZ-24 Volga 2022-2023 can become a direct competitor for the Passat. For the same reason, the Russian novelty will not receive German all-wheel drive. Although this option will provide Volga with superiority over its direct competitors.

Start of sales

The GAZ company has repeatedly emphasized that it is not going to return to the passenger car market. However, as was shown earlier, such a possibility cannot be ruled out. This is supported by the growing demand for business sedans in the Chinese market. Author: Fedor Averiev

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