The Brasserie du Pays Flamand wins for the second time the prize for the best beer in the world

Double blow for the Brewery of the Flemish Country which wins for the second time in its history the coveted prize of the Best Beer in the World (Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation). A rare feat in the annals of the London World Beer Awards competition, yet quite generous in terms of distinctions. After the Anosteké Saison, awarded the prize for the best beer in the world in 2016, it is this time its big sister, Anosteké Blonde, which wins the prize for the best blond beer, all categories combined.

A price which translates into a certain effervescence in the brewery of 35 employees, located in Merville in the North. “The secret, if there is one, is above all the hard work of the whole team, to always do better”, assures Mathieu Lesenne, co-founder of the brewery, created in 2006.

“We’re going to taste it again, all of a sudden!” “

“We are a craft brewery, which leaves us free to improve our recipes over time. Anosteké Blonde is one of our oldest beers, we launched it in 2011. But it has been reworked regularly since, for more finesse and balance, always with these hops very present. “

Based on their past experience, brewers know what to expect: a phone that “keeps ringing” since the news broke, and a 20-30% increase in demand to expect. “We already measured the effect last weekend, in the North where beer is very well known. Apparently a lot of people thought to themselves: we are going to taste it again, suddenly! Even we enjoyed it! “, Laughs Mathieu Lesenne. Well referenced throughout France, in supermarkets or in wine merchants, the “Best lager in the world” will also be available for sale on the brewery’s website.

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