The British deputy stabbed to death.. he stalked him and pounced on him with a name

announced British police Today, Saturday, British Conservative MP David Amis was stabbed to death yesterday as an act of terrorism, explaining that the first elements of the investigation revealed a possible motive linked to extremism!

While an eyewitness from a church in Essex in eastern Britain, where the shocking incident occurred, recounted horrific details of what happened, pointing out that the young attacker waited for the deputy in the hall, and when I came to meet him smiling, he drew a dagger andstabbed him several times.

He pointed out that the conservative deputy stood at the door of the hall at first, speaking with the voters of that constituency, waving to passers-by, next to a sign that read, “Everyone is welcome here.”

While a number of people were waiting inside for him to talk to him and meet him. Among those who arranged a meeting with the slain MP, Conservative councilman John Lamb told the Telegraph, the young attacker.

Simply so!

He added, “There were people waiting for him in the church, while two of his office staff were taking notes and requests. Then a person, who was waiting for his turn inside, came to him and stabbed him… He simply pulled out a knife and stabbed him several times.”

Judith McMahon, vice president of the local Conservative Club, said she had learned that “David was stabbed three times, possibly more”.

While other reports said that a prominent lawmaker in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s party was stabbed at least 10 times.

From the scene of the stabbing of British MP David Ames (Reuters)

Didn’t try to escape

As for the attacker, who was arrested later, it was found that he is 25 years old and of Somali origin.

Eyewitnesses also reported that the killer did not say a word, did not say anything to explain his motives, and did not even try to flee from the scene of the accident or attack anyone else, while those present were terrified, secretly calling the police to ask for help.

“He stabbed David and waited in the church hall until the police arrived. He didn’t try to escape,” said Kevin Buck, vice president of the Local Circuits Association.

British MP David Amis

British MP David Amis

Anthony Finch, an electrician who was doing some maintenance in a nearby building, confirmed: “I saw an angry lady on the phone saying ‘You need to get there fast, he’s still in the building!'”

It is noteworthy that Ames was first elected to Parliament to represent Basildon in 1983, and then ran for elections in Southend West in 1997.

His murder recalled an incident in 2010 when Labor MP Stephen Thames survived a similar attack in his constituency office, as well as the killing of Labor MP Jo Cox in the 2016 shooting, just days before the Brexit referendum.


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