The British government plays its game and promises 100,000 tests a day

The Minister of Health presented an ambitious plan, Thursday, April 2, in the wake of the outcry caused by the low number of screenings conducted among caregivers. Now the right to make mistakes warns this conservative daily.

“For weeks, the government has been criticized for its failure to achieve 10000 tests per day. Now he promises 100000 daily by the end of April. ” The observation of Times is tinged with skepticism. Still, the new plan unveiled by the Minister of Health, just out of containment after contracting the Covid-19, constitutes “A step in the right direction”, says the conservative daily.

The new roadmap follows the outcry caused by the delay in screening, especially in the ranks of caregivers. According to statistics widely reported in the press, less than 1% of them have so far had access to a test.

On Thursday, April 2, Matt Hancock pledged to quadruple the target of 25,000 daily tests originally set by authorities by the end of the month. “A big bet” , concede its teams to the London newspaper. To support this increase, the authorities intend to involve private laboratories. “The mystery is why the government did not take this turn sooner, as soon as the testing flaws became apparent.”

Private reinforcement

Concretely, the National Health Service (NHS), a public health service, would carry out 25,000 tests and the private sector several thousand more, without further details as to the exact number. “Companies have responded with skepticism to this attempt to create a diagnostic industry from the ground up”, precise The Times in another article.

To reach the 100,000 mark, the government is also counting on developing serological tests to determine if someone has been infected in the past – and is therefore now immune. These would first be provided to caregivers, then extended to the general public. “Unfortunately, none of the kits developed by the nine mandated companies have yet proven to be effective”,regrets everyday life.

Ultimately, an immunity passport could be created to allow the recovered to escape confinement. “The best advice usually given to politicians is to promise little and do a lot. This plan is a big promise, highlighted The Times. If it is not implemented, confidence in the government will evaporate. “


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