world The British Parliament postpones the decision on the 'brexit'...

The British Parliament postpones the decision on the 'brexit' agreement


An amendment promoted by members of several parties and headed by the conservative Oliver Letwin, which requires that the agreement agreed on Thursday by the British Government and the European Council be voted once Parliament processes the law that translates it, managed to postpone the decision on 'brexit'. After his defeat, by 322 votes to 306, Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared that he was not dismayed and promised to present the agreement law next week. He also stated that his Government "will not negotiate a new extension" with the EU. The generic agreement will be put back to the vote on Monday, adding the requirement that it be approved before October 31.

The amendment was introduced by the promoters of the law that obtained a majority of Parliament last September and which obliges the prime minister to request an extension in case the European Council ends without agreement. Before Saturday’s extraordinary session, they warned that the most radical Euroeptics could vote in favor of the agreement and then knock it down in the process, forcing an abrupt 'brexit'. That is why they submitted the amendment.

The new strategy of the prime minister is to send the letter requesting the extension to comply with the law and at the same time ask the EU to postpone its decision, so that European leaders who do not want to extend the 'brexit' are satisfied and promoters of the amendment like Letwin, that they want to vote for the agreement but they fear the maneuvers of the radical brexiters, get the guarantee that the law will be passed and that the 'brexit' ordered will occur on 31, if the European Parliament also ratifies the agreement in the coming days.

The defeat of the Government came to the end of a debate in which it seemed that it has a favorable majority to the agreement. Johnson deployed a more parsimonious oratory than usual to underline the seriousness of the moment. It was, the prime minister warned the deputies, that Parliament should show "the same breadth of perspective as our European friends" in ending the 'brexit'.

Brussels maintains the suspense after the new twist in the plot of 'brexit'

With the votes on the agreement and the pending amendments, the debate focused on commitment of the Labor leadership to avoid dissent, in the suspicion that Johnson has altered the terms of the withdrawal agreed by Theresa May with the EU to open the door to what the head of the 'Brexit' in the Labor ranks, Keir Starmer, called a "new economic model and Social". From that withdrawal agreement, the list of compromises to maintain equality in competition, which include social or environmental protections, and although the attached Political Declaration contains an aspiration to a trade agreement without tariffs or regulatory controls eliminates the desire to preserve a close alignment with common market norms.

Possible majority

"No one in this House wants to lower labor or environmental standards," said Johnson. Labor Pat McFadden told him that he was promising the deregulation that some 'brexiters' want, convinced that the community economy suffers from excess protections, and the workers more workers rights. «Those two promises are incompatible»McFadden told him. Johnson resorted when he spoke hesitantly that he was in less serious moments and the Labor confirmed in that gesture the reason for his distrust.

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That facet of the agreement has caused some supportive deputies to consummate the 'brexit', such as liberal-democrat Norman Lamb, do not want to vote for this version of Johnson. The ten Norwegian Unionist deputies of the DUP voted in favor of the amendment and want to defeat the agreement to block the Irish mechanism.

Another facet that creates dissension about the agreement is Johnson's promise of not request additional time to negotiate the future trade agreement in case your negotiation does not end at the end of the transition period, in December 2020. Critics see there the possibility – announced by a 'brexiter' – that the march takes place in terms of the World Trade Organization if There is no understanding about the future in fourteen months.

The radical brexiters also see dangers, that the EU takes harmful measures against the interests of the United Kingdom with the power it will have during the transition. But the interventions and voting implied that Johnson is very close to having a majority in Parliament to approve the agreement reached. Theresa May supported him from his seat in his first speech after his resignation as prime minister.

Mark François announced that all the members of the European Research Group (ERG), the thirty most radical Eurosceptics in the Conservative Party, will support the full processing of the law. The six Labor dissenters may increase their numbers on Monday after make sure there is no abrupt march. And among the twenty conservative rebels who supported the amendment of Letwin, a good part will vote on the motion on Monday committed to closing the process as a law before October 31.

Boris Johnson, very confident in the approval of his agreement with Brussels

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