The Buenos Aires internal burns with a cross between Facundo Manes and Cristian Ritondo

Manes and Ritondo, old times.

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Manes and Ritondo, old times.

Far from honoring the name chosen for the next legislative election in the Province of Buenos Aires, the Buenos Aires intern in “Juntos” continues to climb: This Monday, the first candidate for national deputy of the UCR, Facundo Manes, pointed against Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Diego Santilli. “I hope that the taxes of the porteños are not spent in the campaign“, said the neurosurgeon, describing the intern as” David against Golliat “. The answer was not long in coming:”The Front of All no longer needs more candidates“charged Cristian Ritondo, accompanying the landing of the now former Buenos Aires Minister of Security.

“I have come to discuss the future of the opposition and take a qualitative leap. This does not give for more: the crack is brutalizing and impoverishing us,” said Manes. The doctor is the white hope of the radicals in the Province and seems to continue with a single motto: to stand outside the political discussion between the Frente de Todos and the Pro. “I am not going to compete with the Pro, but with the Argentine decadence, “he often repeats in his exchanges with the press.

However, Manes left the script when he was consulted about his intern with Diego Santilli. There he took up one of his ally on the UCR list (Joaquín de la Torre) to describe the intern as a dispute between “David against Golliat” and leave a message that, without making direct mention, points against Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. By the way, I want a campaign as austere as possible, because we are in a pandemic and millions of pesos cannot be spent. I hope that the taxes of the porteños are not spent in the campaign, “said Manes in an interview with The nation.

In the Pro they acknowledged receipt of Manes’s darts. A few hours before his birthday, Ritondo decided to be the first to go out to the crossing. “Facundo, you say that you arrive to get the best out of the Argentine potential but only you sow distrust and doubts in your own space“, wrote the head of the PRO block in Diputados on his Twitter account.

And he added: “Do not fall into the worst customs of the old politics if you want renewal.” “The Front of All no longer needs more candidates“, he concluded.

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