The businessman Mario Hernández was vaccinated four times against covid-19: these are the reasons

Mario Hernandez He has been one of the voices with the greatest weight in the country in terms of the fight against the coronavirus, either by his invitation to receive the vaccine without doubts or by his contributions in the midst of the economic reactivation of the country, using his own company as an example. What few know is that Hernández did not stay with a single vaccine and, on a trip to the United States, he was vaccinated for the second time with another biological one.

On March 23, the Colombian businessman Mario Hernández received his first dose of the Sinovac vaccine against covid-19 in Colombia. The businessman shared his joy with his Twitter followers and invited them not to mistrust medicines.

“Today that is Tuesday, I started the week well, they vaccinated me with the Chinese Sinovac vaccine, which is also excellent. Here in Ricaurte they vaccinated me, excellent. Let’s get vaccinated!“, public.

The businessman accompanied his message with a photo of his vaccination card, in which he showed the application of his first dose, he also showed when the second would be: On April 19, it received, in Ricaurte, Cundinamarca, the remaining biological.

Receiving the two doses of the Sinovac vaccine, in mid-April, Hernández was already part of the group of Colombians who had their complete vaccination schedule. However, in July, when the Moderna vaccine first arrived in Colombia The businessman applauded this news, noting that he had also received this biological.

“I was vaccinated with Sinovac in Colombia and I repeated with Moderna in Miami, total 4 doses! I get advanced”said the bag and shoe merchant in a trill. He then received criticism and questions from users of the social network, who pointed out that the man had taken an unnecessary risk, had taken away someone else’s quota in Colombia, but they also asked him about the effects, to which he He replied that everything is “perfect”.

In an interview with Vicky en Semana, the journalist questioned him about this decision to be vaccinated with two different biologics. Hernández gave him details of what had happened and the reason for his decision, in addition, he insisted on his confidence in vaccines as another justification for receiving four doses.

The tailor began by pointing out that he was in the North American country accompanying his wife, “I went to the United States to vaccinate my wife and then she got there Moderna”. At that moment, “An American doctor, my son-in-law’s uncle, told me to also get vaccinated and to receive the third dose there”.

By that time, Hernández had two doses of Sinovac, which meant a full vaccination, but The American doctor suggested that he receive a third and fourth dose of the Moderna vaccine, taking advantage of the fact that he was there. The decision was not made in an improvised way, said the businessman, since before accepting that proposal he contacted medical friends to have other opinions.

So I called Carlitos Álvarez, doctor of the Presidency, here and he said ‘put it on’. I called the doctor Nancy Yomayusa who is a Colsanitas genius and she told me ‘put it on’, I called Jairo who is the doctor at the National Intensive Care Hospital and he said ‘put it on’. Then the American doctor told me ‘put it on’. Everybody told me ‘put it on’, so I put it on”, The businessman told Vicky in Semana.

Hernández added that both vaccines gave him confidence and that the endorsement of his medical friends convinced him. “That was an opportunity that I had to protect myself more, because this goes for a long time.. So what harm can it do. Also, vaccines have always existed, look for yellow fever, polio, for all that. They have always existed, as children they have to vaccinate us for a number of diseases. So what are we afraid of; Let’s put it on, and free outside of that. What else do we want”, He concluded.


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