The cafe starts, Modong Forest 2.0 is coming to quench your thirst for content

▲ Let’s get together Animal Crossing 2.0 update is coming on November 5th (photo source: Nintendo Korea official website)

All of the free updates of Animal Crossing, which drew attention with the announcement of the addition of a cafe in September, have been released. Through version 2.0, the ‘last major update’ carried out by the production team, a large amount of content that exceeds the expectations of fans is added.

Nintendo introduced the main content included in the 2.0 free update through Animal Crossing Direct on October 16th. First, as previously announced, a cafe will be opened on the second floor of the museum in the village. If you do the request of the director of the museum, Owl, the cafe will open, and you can enjoy drinks such as coffee served by the cafe master. In addition, it is possible to call desired residents to the cafe by using an amiibo card or the like.

▲ Let’s get together Animal Crossing Direct (Video source: Official Nintendo Korea YouTube channel)

It’s not just the Master who has a happy face. A ‘boat tour’ guided by the boatman Gapdol, who appeared in the previous work, will be added. You can visit a remote island known only to Gapdol by boat, and it is also possible to discover rare plants on the island. In addition, Gapdol’s trademark song, the boat song, is not missing.

On Paniel’s Island, a plaza is opened to attract shops that have been open for a limited time until now. If you achieve the fundraising in the square, you can open the shops of NPCs that appeared only for a certain period of time, such as Neulbong and Yeouk. In addition, Lipo and Lisa, who remodel furniture, and Machurilla, who looks after fortune-telling, will also appear.

Finally, a recipe for making food with vegetables grown on the island is added. It is possible to cook various dishes and eat food in the kitchen at home with cultivated vegetables. In addition, exchanges with island residents such as morning gymnastics, home decorating, and island construction become more detailed. It is a way of interacting more closely with residents and increasing options in detail when decorating houses and islands. To this, the clay collection that was present in the previous work is added, and a simple storage cabinet that can be installed outside the house is introduced.

Let’s get together Animal Crossing 2.0 update will take place on November 5th.


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