The Canadian neutralizes Connor McDavid and his gang

The Montreal Canadiens achieved a rare feat by keeping Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers away from the scoresheet. Thanks to a Carey Price in great shape, the CH won 5 to 1 on Saturday night at Rogers Place.

Jeff Petry and Tomas Tatar were the main architects of Claude Julien’s men on the attack. The defender and left winger both earned braces.

The Habs power play is in full swing this season with three goals in two games. Petry opened the scoring with one more man in the first half, resuming his own throw-back.

The first third was completely dominated by the Habs. With great confidence, Carey Price was even able to frustrate the dangerous Connor McDavid on a breakaway.

The Bleu-Blanc-Rouge started the second period the same way they finished the first. Tomas Tatar took the opportunity to score a superb net, then Petry added a few minutes later when his shot ricocheted off Ethan Bear before crossing the red line.

As everything seemed to work for the CH in this meeting, Jake Evans scored the fourth of his on a shorthanded run. Tatar closed the books with another goal, his third in two games.

Carey Price was robbed of his shutout by Slater Koekkoek at the end of the match. The Canadiens goalie did not have much to be ashamed of with his 34 saves on 35 shots.

The Oilers will have the chance to take their revenge on Montreal on Monday, still in Edmonton.

Here are the highlights of the meeting.

3e period

20:00 | FINAL MARK: MTL 5, EDM 1

12:59 | GOAL! Defender Slater Koekkoek delivers a good shot to close the gap to 5-1

12:59 | GOAL! Defender Slater Koekkoek delivers a good shot to close the gap to 5-1

09:47 | GOAL! What a feint from Tomas Tatar who scored his second of the match! 5-0 CH

00:00 | Start of the third period

2e period

20:00 | End of the second period

09:17 | GOAL! Shorthanded, Jake Evans jumps on his return pitch and goes 4-0!

07:27 | GOAL! Petry scores his second goal of the game by sending the puck into traffic! 3-0 CH

02:20 | GOAL! What a shot from Tomas Tatar during a 2 against 1 descent, it’s 2-0 CH!

00:00 | Beginning of the second twenty. Due to a penalty from Shea Weber (obstruction against McDavid) at the end of the first period, the CH are shorthanded

1re period

20:00 | End of the first engagement

17:18 | Tyler Toffoli messes up on the blue line, Connor McDavid escapes … but Carey Price says NO!

06:50 | GOAL! Jeff Petry grabs a loose puck and shoots into a deserted cage as Koskinen searches for his bearings! 1-0 Canadian

04:40 | Tyler Toffoli escapes in front of Mikko Koskinen, but the latter blocks his backhand shot

03:02 | Dominik Kahun sends the puck into the net, but no goal due to contact with Carey Price

00:47 | Josh Anderson makes a nice breakthrough towards the Oilers’ net, but he is unable to take a shot

00:00 | Start of the match

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