The candidate of the “Vacances des Anges 4” Angèle Salentino sentenced to pay a fine of 10,000 euros to Raphaël Pépin and Tiffany Gounin for defamatory and offensive remarks

According to Provence, justice condemned Angèle Salentino, ex-candidate of the “Holidays of the Angels 4” on NRJ12, to pay 10,000 euros in fine and to pay 5,000 euros in damages to Raphaël Pépin and Tiffany Gounin as well as 800 euros for their expenses. justice.

It all started on the set of the reality TV show “Les vacances des Anges 4” at the beginning of the year in which Raphaël, Tiffany and Angèle were notably reunited. But the latter is quickly excluded from the program after an evening. Shortly after, the candidate used her social networks as well as her YouTube page to make insulting remarks against the couple. The young woman also accuses them of violence against her.

According to our colleagues, last month, the lawyer for Raphaël Pépin and Tiffany Gounin sent a summons to appear to Angèle Salentino after a complaint lodged by their clients for “defamatory and abusive remarks”. In court, Me Damien Faupin underlined the moral and economic damage for his clients, soiled by the accusations, and who found themselves banned from TV shows and programs. For her part, Angèle Salentino – who was not represented – had not made the trip during the hearing.

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