The candle, illegally confined in the CEAR of Santander

The Olympic Sailing Team, which will represent Spain at the Tokyo Games in July 2021, has been confined to the CEAR of Santander since March 15, in breach of the Royal Decree declaring the state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by Covid-19.

On March 12, the Princess Sofia Trophy was suspended, which was to be held in the bay of Palma from March 25 to April 4 and in which the Olympic Team was to participate in full. Before this suspension, the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation, and before the general confinement of the population, made the facilities of the CEAR of Santander available to the sailors, coaches and multidisciplinary team, not being mandatory for the athletes to accept the proposal of the Federation .

The RS: X, home
The sailors of the RS: X class, both in the male and female categories, refused the proposal and each went home, but the rest of the team agreed to the offer and traveled to Santander to lock themselves up in the CEAR. These are the figures of Spanish sailing among which are such outstanding names as Jordi Xammar, Nico Rodríguez, Támara Echegoyen, Paula Barceló, Diego Botín, Iago López Marra, Silvia Mas, Patricia Cantero, Tara Pacheco or Florian Trittel, among others, captained by the director of Olympic Preparation, Santiago López Vázquez.

On March 17, the confinement of the population was declared in a state of alarm and the Federation gave the sailors the choice of whether to go home or stay there, but on the condition that no one could re-enter once the gates were closed. doors. At that time, the individual health of the team was satisfactory and it was not expected that there would be any infected by the virus, despite the fact that the risk was very great, since the athletes had lived in Palma de Mallorca with thousands of sailors from different countries who They trained weeks before to face the Princess Sofia Trophy.

The Higher Sports Council, who learned of this confinement through the media, contacted Julia Casanueva, president of the Federation, urging her to leave the Santander Bay facilities for everyone. Casanueva refused, based on the fact that they were confined and that there was no danger of contagion since no one from outside would enter the facilities and no one from inside would leave. In addition, Casanueva took refuge in that the CEAR does not belong to the CSD because it is a property of the Consortium formed by the Santander City Council, the Community of Cantabria and the Spanish Sailing Federation.

After several notices, the CSD, which closed all CEARs, CARs and even the Blume Residence in Madrid, brought this illegal confinement to the attention of the Government of Spain, so it is highly likely that in the next few hours the athletes should abandon the CEAR in breach of the Decree Law.

According to the athletes, with whom ABC has been in contact throughout the month of March, the confinement is voluntary and is based on an “indoor” training plan, technical and meteorological talks, medical controls and food control. None of them has shown signs of contagion, although one of them has been isolated for several days because he has a cough without fever and as a precaution he has been separated from the rest of the sailors. .

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