The canton Daule manages with pharmaceutical companies the acquisition of 20,000 vaccines against covid-19

The mayor of Daule, Wilson Cañizares, holds meetings with delegates of pharmaceutical firms such as AstraZeneca Y Sinovac Biotech in the previous steps with a view to acquiring some 20,000 vaccines against him SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Cañizares met on the afternoon of this Tuesday, March 2, 2021 with representatives of the Chinese company Sinovac vaccine manufacturer CoronaVac, which registers 92% efficacy in two doses against covid-19.

In the appointment they discussed legal aspects, administrative Y logistics, with the purpose of knowing facilities of operations, together with specialists from the Health and Hygiene, Human Development and Social Management departments of the Municipality of Daule.

The advantage for a municipality with 173,000 population is that the two formulas can be distributed at “refrigerator temperature”, between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius, unlike vaccines such as Pfizer, which requires preservation in ultra-cold.

“The Sinovac vaccine, of Chinese origin, is the one that so far is the cheapest for us, between 6 and 8 dollars, with 92% efficiency and the transfer process is that of a normal vaccine, it must be kept at between 2 and 4 degrees centigrade, ”Cañizares said.

This Wednesday, March 3, the mayor and his team plan to receive delegates of other pharmaceutical. “The idea is to have alternatives to make the best decision and the one that best suits Daule and his people,” he added.

The burgomaster clarified that for now it is about receiving the proposals of each company and said that he requested a meeting with the President of the Republic, Lenin Moreno, in order to request a official authorization to be able to acquire vaccines through a process of public purchases.

“Our priority will be the most vulnerable sectors of Daule, people with disabilities and our elderly, identifying priority groups within the people who have not been infected,” said the mayor.

The medical staff, of firemen, cops and traffic guards are also in the priority group, who also appear in the plans of the National government. Daule has performed more than 34,000 rapid blood antibody tests through mobile clinics and points of care, 70% of the population had contact with the virus according to the Council, which has a database on the people who were infected.

Guayaquil, Samborondón Y Duran expressed their desire to work to acquire the vaccine together through an agreement with the Mayor of the Main Port, in the region called Greater Guayaquil, to which Daule also belongs.

Guayaquil already received the proposals from the Russian Sputnik V, the China Sinovac and the british AstraZeneca.

“We do not want to depend on other municipalities, the main concern that we have raised in the meeting with Sinovac is that they guarantee us that we can negotiate directly,” said Cañizares.



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