The Capitale-Nationale “comes close to the line” of the orange alert level

By the admission of the regional director of public health, the Capitale-Nationale is “on the line” between the yellow and orange alert level, a tipping point that would spell the end of the bars and dining rooms of restaurant. The weekend will determine which side will pour the region.

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“As we speak, let’s say that we are close to the line”, says Dr Jacques Girard, interim public health director for the Capitale-Nationale, cannot confirm for the moment what awaits the region.

“In general, I believe that we are still in a scenario of yellow code, but it will not take much to switch,” he warns, speaking of a crossing at the orange level as a “not in back “.

The doctor explains that a change in alert level must come from a seven-day analysis, which makes the coming weekend paramount for the next step.

After days with 60 cases Monday and Tuesday, then a report with 53 cases yesterday, the Dr Girard advises that we cannot start rising again.

“Currently, the number of new cases is stable, even if very high. I remain worried because we always want it to go down, but if it were to start rising again, it would become worrying [pour le rehaussement du niveau d’alerte] », Supports the regional director.

Citizens to choose

The ball is therefore in the court of the people of Quebec.

Because currently, around 80% of new cases come from community transmission and not from outbreak sites.

“How is it transmitted? It’s a lot private gatherings, ”insists Jacques Girard.

“What we organize at home, at home, a barbecue, a corn roast, you really have to be careful. We ask people to be very strict, even if they receive people they like very much. “

Asking citizens to be extra careful, Dr Girard, however, does not wish to advance on repressive measures which could be applied more firmly. Especially with regard to demonstrations against health measures, such as the one that took place Tuesday in Quebec.

“We respect the beliefs that these people may have, but we ask them to understand why we are taking these measures and we ask them to respect them. As for forcing the note, it belongs to the government and the ministers, ”says the director of public health.

A new death

In its daily report, the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale confirmed that an additional death was added on its territory.

This is again a resident of Place Alexandra, the third to die there this week.

As for the pressure on the hospital system, it is still stable as five people are in intensive care in the region.

A total of 26 people are currently hospitalized.

The results of the last few days in the Quebec region

New cases:

  • Monday : 60
  • Mardi : 60
  • Wednesday : 53

Total of 2677 people infected

200 death

Outbreaks in accommodation:

  • Clairière du Boisé Residence: 6 users, less than 5 employees
  • RPA Place Alexandra: 40 users, 13 employees, 3 deaths
  • Center Louis-Hébert: 1 user, less than 5 employees
  • RPA Kirouac: 14 users, less than 5 employees
  • RPA Humanitae: 4 users, 6 employees
  • Residence La Belle Époque: 1 user, less than 5 employees

Outbreaks in bars:

  • The Limoilou Strain: 19 cumulative cases
  • The Kirouac: 72 cumulative cases
  • Pub X : 9 cumulative cases

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