world The caravan of Central American immigrants tries to push...

The caravan of Central American immigrants tries to push into Mexico


A group of dozens of members of the caravan of Central American immigrants heading to the United States tried this Saturday push the border between Guatemala and Mexico in an attempt that was thwarted by Mexican security forces. After the altercation, members of the Mexican National Guard, the Navy and immigration authorities closed the access of the Rodolfo Robles border bridge that connects the Guatemalan municipality of Tecún Umán with Ciudad Hidalgo, in the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas.

Sources from the National Migration Institute (INM) told Efe that migrants rushed over the border point and authorities they closed the gate to put “order” in the inflow of the hundreds of people waiting to enter Mexico. At mid-morning, the Mexican authorities began to allow the entry of small small groups of up to 20 people to request their entry into the country.

“The only one that we want is a job to eat, to be able to support the family. This is good (asylum). And I am very grateful to the Government of Mexico as well, “José Alberto Méndez, a Honduran migrant trained to request entry into Mexico, told Efe.

López Obrador Offer

The migrants showed themselves grateful to the offer of the Mexican presidentAndrés Manuel López Obrador, who said Friday that there are about 4,000 jobs available in the southern part of the country, both for migrants and for nationals. By accepting this immigrant caravan, the third in its management, there will be between 2,500 and 3,000 people, the president also promised other services, such as shelters and medical care.

For that reason, despite the clash of immigrants with the National Guard, which even sprayed tear gas, the Central Americans followed the order imposed by the authorities. «The truth is that Mexico has always been a very kind country with us. And we do not all carry the same conscience, what happens is that some of us are doing something formal and other people walk with the disorder, then through them we pay just for punchers, ”said the Honduran Leonel Molina.

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World News :

Around the international bridge, other immigrants tried to cross the Suchiate River with rafts and on foot. However, elements of the National Guard prevented their passage, so commanders from the area arrived at the border gate to assure them that they would allow the passage, but with order.

The Mexican Government has promised that it will give asylum and work to those who formally submit their application, on the condition that they remain in the southern part of the country and do not attempt to reach the United States. Some of the members of the immigrant caravan carried banners with messages of thanks to President López Obrador or requests to access employment and shelter.

The majority of the delegation remains in Guatemala waiting for other companions to cross this Sunday with more force. A group of Honduran immigrants left this Wednesday for the point of Agua Caliente, bordering with Guatemala, as part of a caravan that goes to the United States after a call made about three weeks ago through social networks.



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