The career of Franziska Giffey: No higher being

The career of Franziska Giffey

It is gratifying that Franziska Giffey can remain Minister. However, hopes of salvation for them reveal only the weakness of the SPD.

Franziska Giffey

Is good, but the SPD alone can not save Photo: ap

It's not good news for the SPD. It is all the more gratifying that Franziska Giffey can remain Minister. There is an official reprimand from the university for sloppily quoting her doctoral thesis – but that's just a subtraction in the B grade. Giffey has conducted smart crisis management in this matter. She herself applied for an examination of her work by the university, renounced her candidacy for the SPD chairmanship and announced that she would give up her job as a minister if she lost her doctorate. I do not stick to offices, so the message.

As Mayor of Neuk├Âlln, Giffey has developed a robust style, beyond the beaten track of pro-contra-multicultural debate. To cling tenaciously to posts or to burden the party would have ruined this image. She has bypassed this reef.

So Giffey for SPD boss? It is symptomatic of the festering crisis of the SPD that immediate hopes for salvation are attached to Giffey. It is indeed one of the few unspent, powerful young politicians and a colorful counterpoint to the bureaucratic gray of social democracy. But she has already made a dizzying climb – from district mayor to federal minister with a ten billion budget. So now SPD boss, or govern Berlin or how about the chancellor candidate? That job hopping just does not help newcomers shows the career of Katarina Barley.

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Although the SPD sings "brothers, to the sun, to freedom" and not the International, but should take their lines to heart: "It saves us no higher being, no god, no emperor nor tribune" – and not Franziska Giffey. Already on Martin Schulz, with one hundred percent elected SPD leader, hopes were projected that could only be disappointed. The search for miracle healers is not a solution, but only a desperate expression of the problems of the SPD.

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