The “catastrophe” of the textile trade in 2020 results in a drop in sales of 40% | Companies

The textile trade closed its worst year with a 40% drop in sales. This is shown by the latest data published this Friday by the sector’s employers’ association, Acotex, from which the evolution of sales as a result of the pandemic is described as a “real catastrophe”, which has left thousands of businesses in a situation more than delicate.

Specifically, the fall has been 39.8%, both in physical and online stores, compared to 2019. December, an important month for the Christmas campaign, did not manage to significantly reverse the situation either. The decline in sales during that month was 32.2%, a percentage better than that of the previous four months but still very high. The annual fall translates into a loss of about 7.2 billion in revenue, while the sector billed about 18 billion in 2019.

All the months of 2020 registered negative evolutions, including January and February, when the impact of the coronavirus did not exist, to which must be added the last three of 2019. But as of March, double-digit falls were triggered: 70% in March, 89.5% in April and 72.6% in May, when shops were closed due to confinement. In June, the month of openings, it eased to a 26% decline and in July it improved to 22% in full summer sales. But since August there have been falls of over 30%. Until now, the worst year for the sector since data was collected was 2008, when the economic and financial crisis exploded, but then the fall was 11%, a percentage that, looking at the one registered in 2020, seems even anecdotal.

The outlook does not appear to be better for the beginning of the year either. “In the face of the sales and seeing the current situation of the evolution of those infected by Covid-19, and the increase in the restrictions that are being taken in the different Autonomous Communities, we are not optimistic about the sales period and unfortunately sales January 2021 will be much lower than January 2020 “, they value from acotex. From the association they insist on demanding the measures already requested in recent months: cancellation of taxes, fees, tributes and social security quotas; VAT reduction, and “help to be able to lay off.” “It is unthinkable to maintain the precovid templates with current sales, so we have to update the templates to the current moment because otherwise companies will have to close permanently.”

According to Acotex, once the confinement was over and the establishments were allowed to reopen, around 15% of them decided not to lift the blind in the face of the market environment. Now there are those that reopened but have closed again, and it is already 25% of the establishments associated with the employer that have closed the door, either temporarily or permanently, around 2,000.


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