The CCL dollar and the MEP climb more than $ 3 and exceed $ 120 (BCRA sold foreign currency again)

With similar strength, the MEP dollar, or Stock Market -similar operation to that of the CCL but within the country- climbs 2.5% ($ 3.37) to $ 120.13, whereby the gap with the officer reaches 65.2%.

During the beginning of the week, the optimism of the operators was reflected in the strong contraction of the financial dollars, before a greater appetite for bonds and stocks as well as tactical bets on vehicles in pesos.

Looking ahead to the coming months, the economist and former vice minister of Economy Emanuel Álvarez Agis considered that the understanding reached with the bondholders will lower the pressure on the “blue” dollar and the CCL, since “it is likely that the central bank (BCRA) can return to normal, with the financial horizon cleared by the agreement. “

However, in the last two days, prices have recovered more than half of what was requested between Monday and Tuesday.

Blue Dollar

After sinking $ 8 to its lowest in three weeks, the The blue dollar rose $ 2 on Wednesday and this Thursday rose $ 2 to $ 132 again, according to a survey by Ámbito en cuevas del Microcentro Buenos Aires.

The ticket had collapsed on Tuesday, as financial tensions eased after the announcement of the agreement between the government and creditors for debt restructuring under foreign law.

With these new numbers, the The gap with the wholesale dollar advanced to 81.6%, after touching 95% on July 25, and reaching a maximum of 104% in mid-May..

It should be remembered that, during July, banks had blocked bank accounts in dollars due to “unusual movements”, carried out by the “digital coleros”, who then used the informal market to carry out the “pure” (buy in the official and sell in parallel taking advantage of the existing exchange gap).

Since the quarantine started, the blue accumulates a rise of $ 46.50 (from the $ 85.50 of March 20), product, among other causes, of greater restrictions to operate, not only in the Single Market and Free of Exchange, but also for the operations with the CCL dollar and the MEP.

Official dollar

For his part, the tourist or solidarity dollar remained stable at $ 99.96 this Thursday since the retailer, average of all banks, continued in the $76,89, according to a survey of Ambit.

Yesterday, the currency with a surcharge of 30% -for the PAIS Tax- had climbed 26 cents. Therefore, in just three days in August, it accumulated an increase of 65 cents, much higher than the rise registered during the first three business days of July (+33 cents), or compared to the first three business days of the last week (+18 cents).

The price of National Bank There were no changes on this day either and it closed at $ 76.75 while on the electronic channel it was at $ 76.70.

Parallel, in the Single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), the currency rose eight cents, in line with the Central Bank’s selling stance. The monetary authority modified its daily price correction pattern upwards, which closed at $72,70.

According to market sources, the BCRA returned to finish the wheel with negative balance for his intervention in the absence of a genuine supply of dollars.

According to estimates, the Central sold about $ 40 million. In this way, since last Wednesday, the entity led by Miguel Pesce it has sold almost u $ s250 million.

Reflecting sales, Bookings International gross fell Wednesday by $ 36 million to close the day at $ 43,375 million.

Leliq rate

The Central Bank held the 28-day Liquidity Letters (Leliq) auction today, in which the annual monetary policy rate remained at 38%. The amount awarded in the operation was $ 182,907 million.


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