The CDC recommends reverting to face-to-face classes.

WASHINGTON – Schools should reopen for face-to-face classes if social distancing and mandatory use of masks can be maintained, experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said.

In a study published Tuesday in the medical journal JAMA, he proposes a plan to be followed to reopen schools safely while limiting the spread of COVID-19. The study supports “a way to maintain or return to face-to-face lessons in an integral way”.

The recommendations clarify doubts about a controversial issue and provide the necessary guidance to local authorities, school authorities and parents to make informed decisions on the matter.

But reopening schools safely requires controlling the spread of the virus within communities, scientists say. As a result, the CDC recommends keeping in place other rules intended to reduce emissions but which in turn have been unpopular, such as restrictions on dining in restaurants.

The CDC clarified that if schools reopen, extracurricular activities that may increase the risk of COVID-19 transmission, such as indoor sports, should be limited.

For more information, read the NBC News article.

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