The CDG Institute is organizing the first in a series of webinars under the theme “The company of tomorrow will be digital”

As part of its series of conferences “Looking to the future”, the CDG Institute organized, on Tuesday September 15, online, its 9th meeting devoted to the challenges of the digitalization of Moroccan companies. Driven by the current health context, digital transformation has never been so much of a priority to face an uncertain and complex economic climate.

In this perspective, the CDG Institute had the pleasure of bringing together five experts under the theme “The company of tomorrow will be digital” to explore the different facets of this subject:
Saloua Karkri-Belkeziz, President of GFI Africa;
Hicham Iraqi Houssaini, Managing Director of Microsoft for Francophone Africa;
Salah Baina, teacher-researcher specializing in business transformation;
Mehdi Kettani, chairman of the board of DXC Technology in Morocco;
Aalya Ghouli, director of the strategy, innovation, digital and marketing division at BMCI.

Under the moderation of Aziz Boucetta, director of Panorapost, all the speakers were unanimous on the fact that digital is no longer an option for the company but is now becoming essential for its development. The latter now offers the possibility of creating new products and services, shortening time to market and also reinventing interactions with customers.

“The new world will be based on digital”, said Saloua Karkri-Belkeziz, adding: “We will accelerate the technological transformation of Morocco based on three pillars: the digitization of the administration, the digital economy and the ecosystem. start-ups and digital inclusion. “

Technological advances have revolutionized the way everyone access services and consume, which is pushing companies to change the way they do things and adopt strategies in which digital has an important place.

Digital transformation consists for the company of integrating a set of digital tools into its processes. Chatbots, internet of things, robotics, augmented reality…, are all tools used in the digital transformation of a company.

However, as Salah Baina said, “The human must be put at the center of this transformation so as not to create a digital divide.” “The digital train is an opportunity. Let us think about continuing while working for a harmonization of the ecosystem with companies, the State, universities… ”, added Aalya Ghouli.

Successful digital transformation becomes a major challenge for the company because it
makes it possible to be more competitive on the market (at the local level but also at the
international), to have a different and more targeted customer experience and thus generate
new profits.

“We have to go fast. Today it is the fastest, and not the biggest, who are taking precedence over the slower and size does not mean anything, ”underlined Hicham Iraqi Houssaini. “We have a unique chance: the Covid crisis. We must all take advantage of this and continue to do daily what we managed to do urgently, ”concluded Mehdi Kettani.

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