The CDU is also fighting with itself on the streets before the federal election

FEarly morning in Berlin, the sun has just risen. One is already shining brighter. It is the member of the Bundestag Luczak from the CDU, as lively as after twelve hours of sleep, which of course he did not have and will not have anytime soon. His motto at this hour: “The early bird catches the voter.” Here today, at Marienfelde train station, far south of the city. If you want to go to the train or get off the train, you have to pass Luczak. Or to his helpers, all CDU.

Many in the party are afraid of losing the general election. Bad polls, always behind the SPD. But if you don’t fight, you’ve already lost. So they fight. From Laschet to Luczak, and Luczak is far from over. Many of those who take part have no position at all, some are not even in the party. For them, the CDU is simply the Germany they want.

Difficult time. People are in a hurry or tired. Mostly both. Nobody asks anything, nobody says anything, every now and then someone takes the folder with CDU advertising with them. A helper soon becomes discouraged. He admits that he doesn’t like to be approached so early in the morning himself. He only hesitantly tries to persuade the people pouring into the train station from the buses to take a folder with them: “You maybe?” No, thank you. Luczak, however, shines in defiance. He approaches the matter systematically: “The law of the series applies. When the first of a long line of people takes something, the others take something too. If the first one does not take anything, the others do not take anything either. The first is always the most important. ”He is here today, for his people, the first himself. If he doesn’t fight, nobody will fight.

The Berlin CDU was for Söder

There is only one problem. One that many in the CDU have. They feel like boxers with an arm tied behind their backs. Of course they box anyway, but at the same time they suffer. Your impression is that there is a lack of clout that should actually be there. Namely in the form of a strong candidate for chancellor. And he would be strong if many thought he was strong. But Laschet has bad poll ratings. And he’s not Söder. Markus Söder is seen by many in the CDU as the uppercut of God, and the fact that he still tortured Laschet when he was already a candidate for chancellor is secretly seen as proof of his fighting ability. With the one against Scholz and Baerbock – that would have been something. But nothing came of it. The party leadership stood by Laschet.

140 brochures distributed in one hour – is that a lot?

Image: Andreas Pein

The Berlin CDU is one of those who was particularly painful. Their presidium had unanimously backed Söder. Laschet is also good. But “the people” think Söder is even better. Representative Luczak thought so too. He too had openly admitted that. Now he is fighting for Laschet. “You stand behind it now.” Just don’t complain about spilled milk. That’s how he says it. That means: don’t think of the tied arm, but of the free one. Every day brings votes. The early bird takes everything. For example, Luczak knows a street that has a construction site. The cars are often stuck in traffic jams. The MP then goes from car to car, as beggars do in Berlin, and passes CDU advertising through the window. He likes to joke: “Don’t vote for the Greens, they’ll confiscate your car!” That goes down well. Here Berlin is not red-red-green, but black. Luczak won his constituency directly, three times in a row. The Greens lost to Renate Künast three times. Now she’s up against him again. And now Kevin Kühnert from the SPD. Luczak has to sit down. And he is pounding.


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