the certificate of reinstatement will only be worth four months

We could expect it: on February 15, a certificate of recovery from covid-19 will only be worth four months for the vaccination pass: worse, the measure will be… retroactive.

A positive test for covid-19 is currently valid for six months for the vaccination pass. Olivier Véran assured, on December 29 before the National Assembly, that “the recovery certificate – issued to people who have been infected with covid and are not yet eligible for vaccination – will give[it] access to the vaccination pass, under the same conditions as it gave access to the health pass”.

A reduction in the foreseeable delay

This will therefore not be exactly the case, since the period is reduced, but the Minister of Health had let him guess by explaining on several occasions that the rule in force would be an equivalence: “an infection” would be worth “an injection”.

During debates in the Assembly, the massive rejection of an amendment aimed at clarifying in the law that the certificate of recovery would be integrated into the vaccination pass, had hinted that the majority did not so easily intend to let natural immunization, which is currently galloping with the omicron variant, hinder the mass vaccination undertaken in forced walk.

The information is today on the website of the Ministry of Health, in a summary that grows with each new measurement to list the different vaccination pass configurations:

As of February 15, 2022, people who cannot complete their recall in time because they have been infected with Covid-19, will be able to use their recovery certificate from 11 days after infection and up to 4 months for 18 years and older. Indeed from February 15, the certificate of reinstatement will be valid for 4 months and no longer 6, as is currently the case.

The recovery certificate is one of the proofs that allows you to have a valid “vaccination pass”. It proves that you have tested positive for Covid-19: it is the positive result of this RT-PCR or antigen test. This result must be more than 11 days old and less than 4 months old.

Note that the questions and answers on the government website are not up to date: to the question “If I have been infected and I cannot receive a vaccine [sic] or if I have a contraindication to vaccination, can I obtain a “vaccination pass”?, the period mentioned is always six months at the time of publication.

A scientific and medical aberration?

It is curious that an infection, which offers more robust and lasting immunity than that conferred by vaccination, should be so undervalued. Indeed, the superiority of natural immunization has been proven by numerous studies in recent months. Until recently, Professor Cohen, immunologist, recognized that currently, “the virus immunizes better than the vaccine”.

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Outraged reactions

Immediately, many observers castigated this reduction in the time limit: Another stupid measure without scientific rationale”, Vaccinating people who have already contracted the disease is the height of absurdity.”

The retroactivity of the measure should be emphasized: on February 15, even positive tests carried out before this date will only have a validity date of four months. But science and law are probably no longer one mistreatment away…

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