The CFCM promises Macron a “charter of republican values” within 15 days

It’s a sensitive meeting not on the agenda. Wednesday evening, flanked by his Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin, the Head of State received at the Elysee the leaders of the French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM). Of the nine federations that make up this body, responsible since 2003 for representing Muslims in France to state authorities, eight were represented. This exchange comes at a time when the head of state put pressure on the CFCM to further supervise the training of imams, against a backdrop of the renewed Islamist threat.

During this interview, the CFCM presented Emmanuel Macron with the governance project of a National Council of Imams (CNI). This would operate on the model of a professional order like that of lawyers or doctors. He would be responsible for assessing the knowledge of future imams, labeling them and even issuing an official imam card.

“It’s historic, we welcome at the Elysee. We have been talking about it for decades ”. In this project, the future imams will have to submit to a code of ethics drawn up by the CNI but also to a “charter of respect for republican values”. This last text must be finalized in the next fifteen days. It will be written by the CFCM … in conjunction with the Ministry of the Interior, which keeps a close watch.

Refusal of all political Islam and all foreign interference

“Two principles will be inscribed in black and white: the rejection of any political Islam and any foreign interference,” explains one at the Elysee. Appointment was made in two weeks to present it personally to the Head of State. “I trust you and my trust obliges you”, launched the Head of State towards the representatives of the Muslim faith.

All the components of the CFCM will have to soften this text, “so as to remove the ambiguities,” continues the Elysee. We will see who will sign or not, it is a true price operation ”. Within this body, we find federations with quite different sensibilities (Turkish; close to the old UOIF; linked to large historic mosques, etc.).

Emmanuel Macron took advantage of this meeting to recall the “great balances” which, according to him, forge the philosophy of the bill “consolidating the republican principles”, which will be presented to the Council of Ministers on December 9.

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