The Chairman of the Anti-Corona Committee calls for a stay away from gatherings: There is stability in the number of injuries

Dr. Hossam Hosny, Chairman of the Scientific Committee to Combat… Corona Virus, from the increase in the number of infections with the emerging corona virus “Covid 19”, due to the weather fluctuations that now exist, which lead to a weakening of the immune system and an increase in the number of infections, calling on citizens to stay away from gatherings, and to maintain presence in good places for ventilation, in addition to adhering to the precautionary measures, and ensuring that received vaccinations.

And “Hosni” added, during a phone call to the “Hadrat Al-Citizen” program, presented by the media, Sayed Ali via “Al-Hadath Al-Youm” channel, that there is stability in the number of people infected with the Corona virus during the current period, and this is a good thing because it is followed by a decrease, but the fear of a wave of fluctuations The weather we are going through now and the negligence of some in the precautionary measures may lead to an increase in numbers.

Hosni pointed out that the fall and the beginning of the winter season is the stage of the spread of viruses and the number of virus infections increases, and citizens should follow all precautionary measures until the pandemic that has inflicted many human losses on the world is overcome.

Hosni pointed out that there is no dividing line between infection with the Corona virus and influenza, appealing to everyone to obtain the influenza vaccine and the Corona vaccine, in order to protect themselves and society, stressing the need to stay away from psychological tension, severe weather changes, smoking, and the need to obtain nutrition. sound in order to provide the greatest degree of protection.

Hosni confirmed that the committee will announce its position regarding lactating and pregnant women receiving the Corona vaccine within two weeks, and he continued: “The committee’s decision will be issued within two weeks, either with approval or postponement until the studies are completed.”

In another context, “Hosni” said, “The early treatment of the Corona virus does not leave negative effects on the patient after recovery, and he continued:” All the severe symptoms that left a negative impact on the human being due to the patient’s delay in going to the hospital and obtaining medicine.


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