The chalchalero Eduardo “Polo” Román passed away «La Capital de Mar del Plata newspaper

Eduardo “Polo” Román, the mythical member of the Los Chalchaleros group, died in Mar del Plata at the age of 83, sources from his family group confirmed.

Recognized in all areas of folklore, a field that he never left since until last year he continued to make some presentations, Román became an icon and representative of the golden age of that genre.

“Los Chalchaleros performing at LU9 in February 1968. Photo of the remembered Manuel Alí (Alito)”.

He made his debut in Los Chalchaleros precisely in the city he chose to live in, on January 6, 1966, replacing Víctor Zambrano, one of the group’s founders. Since then he has never stopped being a “chalchalero” and the line-up for years was that of Juan Carlos Saravia, Ernesto Cabeza, “Pancho” Figueroa and “Polo” Román. He even did so until the group’s retirement in 2002. By then, Facundo Saravia had been in the group for almost two decades after occupying the place of the late Cabeza.

Román was born in Cafayate, Salta, on March 7, 1937.


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