the charge of driving under the influence of alcohol falls-

The prosecutor in charge of the case withdrew the charges of drunk driving and reckless driving against Bruce SpringsteenThe news was reported by the Ap agency. The well-known American rocker was arrested in November, although the affair only emerged on 10 February. State lawyers themselves admitted that the artist’s blood alcohol level was so low that they could not proceed with the prosecution. Springsteen pleaded guilty to a third offense: alcohol consumption in the Gateway National Recreation Area, a park in New Jersey subjected to the vigilance of the rangers.

Bruce Springsteen, defended by lawyer Mitchell Ansell, said he did not know that it was illegal to consume alcohol in that area.. I drank two drops of tequila he admitted. The case was brought up in federal court because the park is considered federal land. American magistrate Anthony Mautone imposed a $ 500 fine on the rocker, in addition to paying court costs (another $ 40). Springsteen had been blocked by park rangers, but no breathalyzer test had been taken prior to his arrest. One of the policemen said he saw the singer-songwriter drink a glass of tequila before driving the motorcycle. According to the agents’ report, Springsteen smelled of alcohol and swayed visibly, but when he was subjected to the breathalyser once they arrived at the ranger stations, the blood alcohol level was significantly lower than the legal limits in New Jersey (0.2 grams per liter while the maximum allowed threshold was 0.8). News of the arrest prompted the Jeep automaker to suspend a commercial with Springsteen testimonial.

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