The Chavista regime measures its support in a poll that asks if Nicolás Maduro is a “savior”, a “predestined” or a “strategist”

In the image, the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro. EFE / Miguel Gutiérrez / Archive

The violent loss of leadership of Nicolás Maduro, not only in the face of the country’s voracious economic, social and political crisis, but also in the dissolution of the Great Patriotic Pole, whose support is the government party, deployed a consultation action in the sites considered hard votes of Chavismo: the Mission Housing, the program to provide residences for people living in precarious conditions launched by Hugo Chávez in 2011.

What is remarkable about this are the inquiries they make to those who live in said houses or apartments, where to the question “What is Maduro for you?” Possible answers are the options “savior”, “predestined” and “strategist”, among others.

One of the policies developed with the homes of that Mission is that they have been ensuring that include in it only those who feel committed to the Chavista Revolution; However, many bitterly discovered that in reality not only do they not own these homes, but to stay in them they cannot be the owners of having free thought either.

The action to evict large numbers of people has long been initiated, who were blacklisted for criticizing the Government, for participating in a protest demanding public services or food, even for not voting in commissions that Nicolás Maduro has imposed, first with the elections for the Constituent Assembly in 2017, then for the presidential elections of 2018 , both without complying with legal or legitimate parameters.

“I had to go to Colombia to work, so as not to die of hunger”, Elena, a woman from Barquisimeto, tells Infobae. “The pandemic complicated everything and I could not return in time and They took away my apartment, they welded the fence so that I would not have access and they stuck a paper from the Ministry of Housing. The only explanation they gave me is that that house had already been assigned to someone else, because I was not occupying it ”.

The regime took away their homes from many people who had been assigned them because they considered them not Chavistas or because they left the country

The regime took away their homes from many people who had been assigned them because they considered them not Chavistas or because they left the country

Asked why she did not notify the impossibility of returning due to the special situation and the sanitary measures, the woman said that she gave “a power of attorney to a relative of mine to appear at the office of the Ministry of Housing in Barquisimeto, to expose the situation, although all that was done, they took it away from me. It was the only home I had. And here in Colombia I live in a pension room, working hard to survive. When I can return I will have nowhere to live ”, Elena said regretfully.

Like that case there are hundreds, thousands throughout the country. Maybe Elena doesn’t know, but she only counts for the Mission to the extent that it means a vote to transfer, a human resource to use. Her economic situation and her family drama do not matter to the official who decided to leave her homeless, as if having left the apartment she occupied to go to a room in a Colombian neighborhood had only been a whim.


At the top it only reads: Social Typology. It is a modality that considers the members of the governing party structures with the obligation to answer anything, without the slightest respect for explaining it.

The Mission Housing survey in Venezuela

The Mission Housing survey in Venezuela

It is almost laughable the tendentious way in which some questions were asked, such as No. 41: “After the sabotage of the electrical system, you consider that these services have: progressively improved, they are the same as before, they deteriorated, they are worse.”

One that should be called naive. Nr 43: “Do you carry out any additional activity to complete the salary?”

Question 42 draws attention due to the date to which it refers: “The sanctions applied by Venezuela and its officials since 2013: a) violate Venezuelan sovereignty and are contrary to international law. b) are necessary and legal ”.

The 47: “Do you recognize the Board of Directors of the National Assembly, chaired by Luis Parra, elected on January 5? This particular question is for reflection because the only one who recognized Parra was the Government and when it did not serve to counteract the one presided over by Juan Guaidó, They no longer considered him even to occupy the office of the Federal Palace.

The coin of the revolution called The Petro, whose use is not at all common in Venezuela, not even after the bolivar has been pulverized. The trading currencies are mainly the dollar and on the border with Colombia it is the peso. Still, question 52 of the survey is: “How much do you trust the petro as an instrument of the Economic Recovery Program?”

In 48 it asks: “In agreement or disagreement that the US, Canada, England and the European Union are required to: immediately unblock Venezuela, respect the self-determination of the Venezuelan people, declare that the measures imposed violate the human rights of the Venezuelan people, declare the blockade against Venezuela a crime against humanity and take legal action against the Venezuelans who promote the blockade. “

This last item draws attention because it is an obvious manipulation of what has been imposed on a number of Venezuelans, rightly or wrongly, but that they have advocate for sanctions and even for international humanitarian intervention.

Regarding the subject, it is important to highlight question 46: “Would you agree with the following situations? The interference of the United States in the affairs of the country; With a military intervention in Venezuela by Colombia, the United States and other countries; Venezuelans who promote the blockade must be treated as traitors to the homeland ”.

The leaders

Question 76 was definitely wickedly crafted: “Please review the following situations and tell us how you agree with each of them: 1. With the overflight of US spy planes in Venezuelan airspace; 2. Free dollarization of the country; 3. That the US continue trying to limit the actions of the government of President Nicolás Maduro for the recovery of the country; 4. By blocking food and medicine ships coming to Venezuela; 5. That sectors and characters of the Opposition are calling for a foreign military invasion; 6. That the US elaborate and spread false news seeking to invade Venezuela.

It is also interesting to see the list of leaders whom respondents are asked to rate, in question 77: Ramos Allup, Borges, Claudio Fermín, President Maduro, Diosdado Cabello, Leopoldo López, Henry Falcón, Tania Días, Juan Guaidó, Delcy Rodríguez, Bertucci, Cilia Flores, Juan Barreto, Manuel Rosales and Jorge Rodríguez.

Julio Borges and Ramos Allup

Julio Borges and Ramos Allup

Question 79 asks: “What is Maduro for you?”. The options are: a leader, a friend, a father, a politician, a president, a savior, a man, a predestined, a radical or a strategist.

Question 81: “You believe that President Nicolás Maduro is: a democrat, honest, humble, intolerant, vain, hard-working, dishonest, supportive.”

Of course the electoral question was not lacking, in the number. 80: “If the elections to elect the deputies to the National Assembly were tomorrow, who would you vote for: A) Psuv / GPP, B) Alianza de AD, Copei, Avanzada Progresista (Falcón), Cambiemos (Timoteo Zambrano) and El Cambio (Bertucci). C) Solutions for Venezuela (Claudio Fermín). D) Other national and regional political organizations ”.

Many of those who respond to this survey are going to do so mediated for fear that if they respond with criteria that the PSUV or the Government do not like, they run the risk of losing their home, even the bag of food or being treated as traitors to the country.


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