The Chiefs of Staff remind the military that their duty is to protect the constitution

Donald Trump at West Point Military Academy. (archives) – AFP

So we are there. A few days after the Capitol riot, on January 6, which raised fears of the premises of a coup, the various chiefs of staff of the American army saw fit to speak to their troops. In a letter sent to the American military,
relayed by CBS, they recall that the army is there to defend the constitution of the United States. And that the next president of the United States, whose term begins on January 20, will be Joe Biden, in case some or some have doubts.

“The American people have trusted the armed forces of the United States to protect them and our Constitution for nearly 250 years. As we have done throughout our history, the United States military will obey the legal orders of civilian leaders … according to the law and remain fully committed to protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies. , foreigners and nationals. “

A rare speech on a non-military issue

Also, these leaders of the various American armies condemn the violence that took place around and in the Capitol building, which hosts the two houses of the United States parliament. “We have witnessed actions inside the Capitol building which were incompatible with the rule of law. The rights to freedom of expression and assembly do not give anyone the right to resort to violence, sedition and insurrection. “

The letter was signed by General Mark Milley, coordinator of the joint cell; General John Hyten, his “vice-coordinator”; General James McConville, Army Chief of Staff; General David Berger, Commander of the Marines; Admiral Michael Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations; General Charles Brown, Chief of Staff of the Air Force; General John Raymond, chief of space operations; and General Daniel Hokanson, head of the National Guard.

CBS recalls that serving generals never take sides in political debates. And, in absolute terms, this is not the case here either. But the fact that they felt the need to make this constitutional reminder to their soldiers, in a way, is already an event in itself.

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