The “Chilean Scarlett Johansson” reveals that she went on vacation to Dubai with a famous national actress – En Cancha

Julio Cesar Rodriguez exclusively interviewed Carolina Leiva, known as the “Scarlett Johansson chilena“. The woman, who was released from jail a few days ago after being accused of carrying out millions and repeated scams, revealed her relationship with Maria del Pilar Pérez, the “Quintrala”, and alsosome unknown information about his relationship with famous Chileans.

Why did you become friends with famous people?… Did you like him?“, Asked the host of” With you in the morning. “

The truth is, I never wanted to have famous friends. Once I sit in the hairdresser and Begoña Basauri enters, another day Natalia Valdevenito enters … We went to the same hairdresser, “said the”Scarlett Johansson chilena“, Adding that he thinks it attracted attention.

“I went to the hairdresser and it was a place of relaxation,” said Carolina Leiva.

The best trip of the “Scarlett Johansson chilena

After being asked what her best trip was, Carolina Leiva asserted that she had many, but that she remembers “a lot of Turkey, I liked it a lot”, since it was at the time of the TV series “Arabian Nights”.

And another exotic trip you did?

“But they don’t even know … Dubai“, Replied the”Scarlett Johansson chilena, ensuring that it was not alone, but with a friend.

“It’s expensive … I used to crack with everything, always.”

“There was a rumor that you were cracked, Did you go with a famous or known person? ”, the CHV entertainer consulted.

I went with someone I knew, from the artistic environment … from the theater “Leiva said, without going into details.

its history could come to Netflix

At the same time, Julio César Rodríguez consulted the “Scarlett Johansson chilena”If it is true that Netflix would be behind his story.

If true. What I expected, when I was arrested, is to be able to review the script”, Assured Carolina Leiva, adding what, furthermore, being deprived of freedom could not receive any remuneration.

The animator of “With you in the morning” asked her that she seemed to be becoming famous and now being able to have a series for being a scammer.

“It turns me around. The responsibility that you have deep down. Because it’s going to be something that people are going to see, so I don’t want any little girl to be reflected in me either “Leiva said.

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