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Chanel was accused of trademark plagiarism by the Guizhou Wushu Branch of the Chinese Wushu Association and was spread through Chinese media and Weibo.Picture: Reversed from Weibo

The trademark battle between Chanel, a well-known French boutique, and Huawei, a major Chinese technology company, has not yet ended. Chinese media have reported this afternoon, but now the Chinese Wushu Association Guizhou Wushu Branch has accused him of plagiarism and filed a complaint with the local court in Guizhou, China. However, they denied it in the evening, and the official media took the lead to point out that there was no organization like the Guizhou Branch of the Chinese Wushu Association in China.

Chanel recently accused Huawei of infringement due to the similarity of Huawei’s computer hardware trademarks. In April, the European Court of Justice issued a ruling. It believed that the direction of Chanel’s trademark is different from that of Huawei. The direction of Chanel is horizontal, while the trademark of Huawei is vertical. Chanel’s trademark curve is more rounded and the lines are thicker. It is considered that there are differences between the two, and it is judged that Chanel loses the case.

Unexpectedly, the trademark infringement between Chanel and Huawei has not ended, but now another organization in China has been sued. According to Chinese media reports such as, the Guizhou Wushu Branch of the Chinese Wushu Association accused the Chanel trademark of plagiarizing the traditional Chinese weapon “Bagua Ziwu Mandarin Duck”. They pointed out that the two intersect in a semicircle and are very similar. They also claimed that Chanel desecrated Chinese culture. The Nanming District Court of Guizhou City has accepted the case and will hear the case soon.

However, the news was officially refuted in the evening. According to the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter via Weibo, the Chinese Wushu Association and the Guizhou Provincial Wushu Association both denied the incident and stated that there is no such organization as the Guizhou Branch of the Chinese Wushu Association. . The People’s Daily also claimed through Weibo that the news was false.


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