The Chinese space probe Chang’e 5 returned to Earth with several samples from the Moon

First modification: 17/12/2020 – 21:14

China’s space authorities celebrate the return to the country of the Chang’e 5 probe, which successfully completed its mission on December 3 when it began its way back to Earth. The Asian power thus becomes the third country in the world to obtain lunar samples for scientific purposes.

The Chang’e 5 probe managed to collect fragments of moonstones and soil. This is the largest sample collected since 1970 and Chinese scientists will share the data obtained based on international conventions.

The probe landed on December 17 in the northern region of Inner Mongolia, bringing with it an unprecedented amount of material called “the mythical Chinese goddess of the Moon.”

The researchers hope that the particles will help to better understand the origins of the star and its relationship with Earth. However, they said that the “unfortunate” US restrictions on cooperation could prevent it from obtaining any.

“In accordance with international cooperation conventions and multilateral and bilateral cooperation pacts, we will issue rules on the handling of lunar samples and data,” said Wu Yanhua, deputy director of the China National Space Administration, adding that “the Government Chinese is willing to share lunar samples with institutions and scientists in several like-minded countries. “

The Chang'e-5 probe takes samples of the Moon, in a Dec. 2, 2020 image released by the Chinese space agency.
The Chang’e-5 probe takes samples of the Moon, in a Dec. 2, 2020 image released by the Chinese space agency. – CNSA via CNS/AFP

The mission represents a success for China, which was able to demonstrate its ability to acquire samples from space remotely. Now the eastern nation plans new and more complex missions in the solar system.

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