The Chinese version of “Rune Factory 5” will be released soon. The project manager explains the game features “Rune Factory 5” for players

The latest work of Marvelous Inc.’s series of works “Rune Factory 5“Finally will be released in Asia on September 2, 2021. Before the official launch, the official interviewed the project manager Shiro Maekawa of the game, and asked him about the key elements of the game and the tips of the initial strategy. .

Shiro Maekawa

Belongs to Marvelous Inc., originally participated in “Rune Factory 5》, but later began to concurrently serve as project manager and production supervisor during the development process.

The gameplay is all determined by the player!Enjoy freeFantasy life

――First of all, I would like to invite you to introduce, what kind of work is “Rune Factory”?

Maekawa:15 years ago, as the already popular “Harvest Moon“The outreach works of the series were born precisely “Rune Factory“. The most obvious feature is the addition of adventure elements to ranch and farm life, and each new work in this series will further strengthen this part. Up to now, I think this series of works have indeed become games that can enjoy life in a fantasy world.

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――Excuse me, what kind of game is suitable for recommending “Rune Factory”?

Maekawa:Rune Factory》Is a game that can be played freely. Whether it is people who want to take risks, people who want to experience farm life, or people who want to fall in love with charming characters, as long as one of the above matches, I think you can enjoy the fun of this game. In addition, this game also has many elements that can be played in depth. For example, many people like to study the craftsmanship of making props in the game. This work can be enjoyed easily and can be played in depth, so no matter what kind of player it is, it is highly recommended.

――Compared with the previous series, the game screens this time have changed a lot.

Maekawa:This work is the first time to complete a full 3D orthodox sequel. Unlike the previous series, the game world this time is not only affected by the flow of time and weather, but also changes in response to the four seasons. In addition, I also hope that everyone can pay attention to the actions of the characters. In addition to special actions based on different events, ordinary conversations will also have various reactions depending on the content. Maybe no one on the development team has seen all the actions and reactions.

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  • Enjoy the slow life and adventure in the four seasons of the world

Live a leisurely life with residents with different personalities

Maekawa:On the whole, it has inherited the setting of the series of works, and the era is probably decades after the previous works. After the destruction of the evil empire, the security organization named Seed reorganized the chaotic world, and the protagonist will live as a member of Seed in the town of Rigobas.

But the stage and story of this work are brand-new content, even if you have not played the previous work, you can still enjoy the fun of this work.

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  • The protagonist who lost his memory became a Seed trainee in Rigbas and started a stable life, but…

――What is the overall theme of the story?

Maekawa:I remember that the theme I set when I made the project book was “Start an adventure of love and justice.” The protagonist’s position is similar to that of the police, and the player will think about the subject of “What is justice?” from his perspective in various places. In addition, as in the previous series, the story also depicts the heart-to-heart communication with the residents and lovers of the town.

――What kind of town is Rigobas as the game stage?

Maekawa:It is a town close to the national border, and there are residents of all kinds of different races in the town, and there are also demi people. I think”Rune Factory 5“It should be the one with the most different races in the series.

――There are not only different races in the game, but also many characters with different personalities.

Maekawa:This time, the target of the Raiders is the most diverse and diverse in the entire series. The female role is not only the kingly heroine, but also the easy-to-reach girls, orcs, the noble eldest lady, and the dream monster eldest sister. In addition, compared with the previous work, the character’s personal story weight has also increased a lot. This time not only depicts everyone’s heart and past, but also solves some of the mysteries not mentioned in the main story.

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  • Some characters can get married after deepening their feelings, and there will also be many unique targets in this game.

――If you can enjoy so many stories in the game, will it take a long time to clear the level?

Maekawa:I think it takes about 50-60 hours for the main story to break through. If you shorten the time of farming and adventure as much as possible, and focus only on the story, you may be able to break the level faster. On the other hand, this game has many elements that can be played after the level is broken, and some mysteries will be revealed after the advancement of the love story, so if the player wants to savor it, I think this game can bring you countless fun of.

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――Not only the targets of the Raiders, but the other Rigobas residents also have their own personalities.

Maekawa:In the past works, some residents will be more popular than the target, so we have put in the same effort to make each character as the target of the target. What is particularly difficult in production is their daily actions, because “Rune Factory 5》Not only does the background change according to the weather and time, the residents also change according to the place or action, so it is necessary to set the action mode with random elements for different characters one by one. This part made us take a lot of pains. .

――However, the map screen of this game will show the location of the character, so that the player does not need to look for people everywhere. This part is very convenient.

Maekawa:Yes, this part is an improvement based on the opinions of the players.

――Please tell us the key elements of this work other than the story.

Maekawa:In the farming part, in addition to planting your favorite crops this time, a new element of farm dragon was added, creating an interesting composition of farming on a wide dragon back. As long as you give dragon crystals, you can also get various blessings such as changing the weather to rain or increasing the number of harvests.

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  We have also upgraded the fishing elements that are very popular in the series. Many places on the map have prepared fishing spots. Players can enjoy the fun of finding various fishing spots. In addition, being able to work together with good residents is also a new element that deserves attention. From cooking to forging, fishing, etc., you can do it with the residents, and the results will be different for different helpers. Of course, you can also ask the residents for help in the battle, and this game also adds the element of cooperative moves.

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What is the strategy for the early game?

――Although this game features a high degree of freedom as its selling point, new players who are just getting in touch may not know how to advance the progress. Could you please explain the tricks of the early game for players who play the “Rune Factory” series for the first time?

Maekawa:From the beginning, complete the orders on the order bulletin board in order. In this way, you will naturally gather the props needed for daily life and adventure. If you want to advance the plot, just follow the red signs on the map. In addition, if you want to advance the love story, try following the avatar of your favorite character displayed on the map. After getting used to the way of playing, trying to challenge various fields may also make the game more interesting.

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――Will this work become like the real world, no matter what you do, you need money?

Maekawa:Making money is very important, but there are many ways to make money. If you are a person who likes farming, you can make money through this method. In addition, you can also venture in the maze and search for ore, or ship the fish caught, etc. In this game, you can take many different ways to achieve your goal. .

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――The wanted monster is difficult to deal with.

Maekawa:If the content of the commission is only battle, you can basically accept this type of commission at the beginning, but at this stage the challenge will easily be defeated. The intensity of this part is set to a certain level, so players who are already proficient in the operation are more recommended to try, which is also an element that this game pays more attention to.

――That’s why it is recommended to challenge after getting used to the game. So, let’s change the topic. Do you have any special bonuses for the Asian version?

Maekawa:As an exclusive bonus for the Asian version, the game will come with a swimsuit in the style of the protagonist of the previous game, as well as the previously released “Rune Factory 4 Deluxe Edition》Linked storage data bonus, so if you are a player who has played the previous game, it is recommended to keep the storage data.

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  • As an exclusive bonus for the Asian version, “Lester and Frey’s Swimsuit Set + Novice Player Support Item Set” will be included in the game (this is a bonus common to the boxed version and the download version)

–finally,Excuse me, please say a few words to the fans who are waiting for the release.

Maekawa:Although it has been a while since the release of the Japanese version, because of this, the game has undergone various corrections and will be released in a more complete state. Please try to play it. This is a work that can be enjoyed by both old and new players. If you are tired of daily life and want to be cured, I highly recommend you to enter the “Rune Factoryworld!

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※ The screen is the Japanese version of the game content. The officially released product is the traditional Chinese version.

Commodity Information

  • product name:Rune Factory 5

  • Game platform: Nintendo Switch

  • Release Date: September 2, 2021

  • Game language: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese subtitles, Korean subtitles, Japanese voice

  • Game category: Fantasy life game

  • Number of players: 1

  • Sales: Seya Co., Ltd.

  • Development: Marvelous Inc.

  • Game rating: auxiliary level 12

  • Official website:

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