The Christmas trees of the gardens of Péline in St Pierre du Mont, come from a local production

It was in 1953 that Jean Franc, then a young gardener at the Landes prefecture, decided to cultivate a garden near the Bats bridge in St-Pierre-du-Mont. The first stands held by the SEGAS family then appeared on the markets.
In 2017 Thierry and Sandrine SEGAS decided to devote themselves fully to Peline Gardens in Saint-Pierre-du-Mont. Today, Joris SEGAS, represents the 4th generation of horticulturalists in the family. His mission is to develop the landscaping activity.

The Gardens of Péline in St Pierre du Mont

For these end-of-year celebrations, the Jardins de Péline are selling fir trees from local production (Lot et Garonne). They are cut the day before for the next day in order to maintain an unequaled freshness of cut and a longer hold of the thorns.
How to enjoy your Christmas tree until Christmas Day.

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