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The “citizen” Perronne was still right

CHRONICLE – Since the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of August 26, 1789, France has presented itself to the whole world as the chosen land for freedom of opinion and freedom of expression.

But, in this time of a pandemic, there are the principles and the practice. Regarding the main principles, no question: it is the obligatory reference, and of course the authorities do not hesitate to have recourse to them. As far as practice is concerned, on the contrary, it is clear that, for almost two very long years, the republican principles of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, enshrined in article 2 of the Constitution of October 4, 1958, have been adopted. put in parentheses, when they are not trampled on. And, this in the indifference of our “elites”, for a virus which will have represented in 2020 only 2% of the activity of our hospitals. We tremble at the idea that France is undergoing a real conflict, of the nature of those which have marked its long history.

If there is a man who symbolizes, reluctantly, this terrible decline in freedom of opinion and freedom of expression in our country, it is Christian Perronne, since the Superior Audiovisual Council has asked the mainstream media to ban him from airing, despite his status as a university professor. In an interview with “Current Values”, Christian Perronne explains that he was invited a few days ago to meet – to put it mildly! – his colleagues from the Departmental Council of the Order of Physicians.

Despite having held the highest public health positions in our country and at the World Health Organization, the infectious disease specialist was prescribed a ban on talking about the Covid-19 vaccine in as a “teacher”. If he wants to continue to comment on the evolution of the health crisis, he is called upon to do so as a “citizen”, under penalty … of radiation, three months before his retirement!

Since the start of this Covid-19 crisis, I have already had the opportunity to mention in the columns of FranceSoir an “Order under orders, and which makes disorder”. The formula certainly does not seem excessive to me and the Council which heard Professor Perronne would have wanted to justify this qualification that it would not have done it better. How can doctors be so subject to government injunctions to lose the slightest critical thinking, and refuse to admit that we are witnessing the bankruptcy of vaccination? Who does not see, unless it is in the hands of power or laboratories, that an injection to be repeated every three months is not a vaccine? Especially when the product does not prevent either catching or transmitting the disease.

Obviously, the words of “citizen” Perronne are disturbing. They are a stone in the shoes of our governors. Unlike a Minister of Health, to whom we must recognize an extraordinary aptitude for lies, reversals and denials, the judgment of the man of Garches is not of variable geometry. What is more, the facts – which are, ultimately, the true justice of the peace, the only justice of the peace – systematically prove him right.

Do we want new proof? Here it is ! In my column “Christian Perronne, saber au clair …”, published on December 2, I recounted in great detail the intervention of the professor before the Independent Scientific Council on November 25, highlighting in particular his remarks on the “vaccine “and his forecasts on the evolution of the crisis:” With hindsight, with what we can observe in the world, it is clear that “these are not vaccines, they are products that stimulate the virus” And, because in France we were late for the “vaccination” compared to Great Britain and Israel, “in the days and weeks to come, we will have a rebound in cases, and possibly dead “, which could earn us a curfew or confinement.

“Rebound of cases and possibly deaths”. We are there a month later. The number of Covid deaths in France, which stood at 72 on November 25, rose to 224 on December 20. To shine a light on our brilliant leaders, let’s explain to them that Sweden had no deaths on December 20, and that over the past seven days the average daily fatality was five.

And if, at the time of this writing, “a curfew or a confinement” has not yet been decreed, the authorities have already announced for our New Year’s gifts, that is to say for January 2022, the introduction of a vaccine passport as well as the obligation to present a negative test for access to certain places, which is proof that even our leaders do not trust the injections which they put under the French people, in exchange for a pseudo-freedom.

The days to come will surely not be lacking in interest. Beyond the petitions of principle, we will see who defends the Republic and its motto: “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”. The Senate should never have fallen into the trap of power, or trapped itself to appear “responsible”, by voting the health pass, allowing Mr. Véran to congratulate himself on a regained national unity.

The time has come for the opponents to oppose, which means to say no, as well as to open their eyes to the maneuvers and the faults of a power which precipitates France in a health totalitarianism that Omicron certainly does not justify . The time has also come for opponents to get serious information and consider one of Professor Perronne’s diagnoses: the pandemic is over in the countries which have not “vaccinated” and which had previously used existing molecules to treat their population.

Finally, to the doctors of the Council of the Order who threatened Professor Perronne with their thunderbolt, and because this text is not taught on the benches of medical faculties, I would like to remind you that article 2 of the Declaration of human and citizen rights defines the natural and imprescriptible rights of man: “freedom, property, safety and resistance to oppression”.

At the forefront of “resistance to oppression”, “citizen” Perronne joins Professor Perronne … Fortunately, there are free women and men who save the honor of medicine. Christian Perronne is one of them.

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