The City Council approves the IV credit modification of 2020 of almost 12 million euros

The proposal of the government team – made up of the Popular Party and Citizens – has come forward with 23 votes, since the PSPV has voted in favor of the bipartisan project. While Vox and Compromís have abstained and Unides Podem has been the only formation that has rejected the credit modification and has voted against.

Regarding the most mentioned items, the councilor for the Treasury, the ‘popular’ Lídia Lopez, has defended that due to the new outbreaks of Covid-19, the government team has been forced to contribute new items to face the situation and reduce “the impact of the virus in the city”.

“Specifically, 1,057,000 euros have been provided for the supply of surgical masks for the most vulnerable groups, essential services and the general population”, he explained.

Likewise, the ‘popular’ has indicated that 968,000 euros are allocated for the emergency contracting of the reinforcement of the cleaning service in School Centers.

In addition, the mayor has made reference to the 4,811,068.95 euros of the needs to cover the deficit of urban bus transport after the “drastic decrease” in the number of passengers due to confinement.

The PSPV, which has finally voted in favor after abstaining in the Finance committee, despite the fact that it has reproached that the City Council “should look towards the recovery of the local economy“, has indicated that the support seeks “to establish a new form of face the problems of the city regarding the social emergency, as well as provide funds to support the productive fabric of the city “.

The socialist councilor Miguel Millana has declared in his speech that the modification is “inconsequential” for the objectives of the city, especially in “social emergency”. “What we have is a reorganization of budget items,” said the mayor, in addition to criticizing the “hasty use” of the remaining treasury to pay off the debt.

“The modification comes to cover the deficit that has been generated by the lack of funds for public transport, although we should not lose the financial capacity of the City Council by advancing money that later we do not know if it will be reimbursed by other organizations,” he added.

Finally, he highlighted “positively” the items for cleaning schools and sanitary supplies.


The rest of the formations have not voted in favor. Vox and Compromís have abstained and Unides Podem has voted against. The three parties have criticized the previous management of this IV credit modification promoted by the government team of PP and Cs.

Compromís spokesman, Natxo Bellido, has indicated that this project is an example of “what could have been, and was not” and has criticized “the lack of dialogue and consensus” on the part of the mayor, the ‘popular’ Luis Barcala, who “has acted more as leader of the opposition than as mayor of Alicante.”

Bellido has pointed out that the bipartisan has dedicated himself “to criticizing the Botànic and the Coalition Government” of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias instead of “agreeing” with the groups on the items of the modification.

For its part, Vox has described the proposal of PP and Cs as “necessary” but has also called it “decaffeinated”. The spokesman, Mario Ortolá, has been suspicious that the City Council has to “cover the hole in public transport” since “it could be used for medical supplies.” “We are not going to be opposed by an act of responsibility,” he indicated.

The only party that has voted against, Unides Podem, has indicated that the government team has arrived “late and badly” and has not respected the promise of funds for the recovery of Alicante due to the Covid-19 crisis.

“We presented 16 proposals to increase the amounts of emergency benefits and social aid; at Unides Podem we have taken the negotiation seriously, but we have the feeling that the Recovery Commission has been a theater and they have disregarded the consensus reached”, has declared the spokeswoman, Vanessa Romero.

In addition, Unides Podem has ended its intervention claiming that “they have not only failed the opposition, but also the citizens of Alicante.”


Likewise, the extraordinary session of this Thursday, November 19, has unanimously approved the acceptance of the delegation of powers made by the Ministry of Education in the ‘Edificant Plan’ for the construction of the new Special Education school in Alicante ‘El Somni’.


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