the City of Marche relaxes its measures (Marche-en-Famenne)

The City of Marche has decided to somewhat relax its regulations relating to the wearing of masks.

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Following the municipal college on Monday, the city of Marche published an update of its regulation on the wearing of the compulsory mask. This provides for a relaxation of measures in the city center.

During its last college, the city of Marche decided to relax its regulations relating to the wearing of masks. It is no longer compulsory to wear it stricto sensu in the streets of the city center. However, the mask remains compulsory in certain public places, as well as in case of high attendance. In any case, face protection should be worn at all times where common sense dictates.

From this Tuesday, September 16 and until October 15, wearing a mask (or, if this is impossible for medical reasons, a face shield), covering the nose and mouth, is compulsory on the territory of the municipality of Marche-en-Famenne, for anyone aged at least 12:

– in all shops in the municipal area; – in the car parks of commercial areas of more than 400 m2 and in the following zones: Pirire, Carmel and Wex; – on all the plains and playgrounds / multisports of the municipal territory; – in the markets and second-hand shops; – in the event of a gathering on the public highway; – in the event of heavy traffic on the sidewalks, storefronts.

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