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The Civic Type R completes its range with the most discreet and radical versions of the Honda sports model


Honda expands its Civic Type R range with the incorporation of two new versions, called Limited Edition and Sport Line, which aesthetically stand at the opposite poles, highlighting one of them by more discrete lines, and the second by a very radical design. Starting from the dynamic performance capabilities of the standard Type R GT, the new models each offer a different style and performance proposal, which further enhances the appeal of Honda’s most acclaimed five-door compact car.

With the Civic Type R Limited Edition, Honda releases the most extreme version of its well-known high performance car. The Limited Edition variant, conceived as the purest expression of the Type R to date, offers new lightweight components, a minimalist interior, improved driving dynamics and a striking style.

The second new addition to the Type R range is the Sport Line version. Designed to attract a customer looking for a more discreet look for their high-performance hatchback, it incorporates a lower rear spoiler, 19-inch alloy wheels and the interior in black, but retains the extraordinary performance by which the models are characterized Type R.

Limited edition
The new Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition, developed with track performance as its main objective, has been designed to be the most dynamic five-door model with front-wheel drive on the market. With new lightweight components and a driver-centered minimalist interior, it is the most extreme version ever created of the iconic Civic Type R.

Only 100 units will be manufactured in Europe, each of which will benefit from the extraordinary performance levels and driving dynamics of the standard Civic Type R. The new Limited Edition version incorporates 20-inch forged BBS alloy wheels with Michelin Cup 2 tires, whose design is geared towards high-speed circuit driving without sacrificing exceptional road performance. Modified shock absorbers optimize this new combination of tires and tires, while steering recalibration offers maximum levels of control and response.

To reflect its extremely sporty nature, a new exclusive color – the “Sunlight Yellow” color – has been introduced for the Civic Type R Limited Edition, along with a dark and chrome Civic badge on the back. With the incorporation of bright black paint in contrast to the ceiling, the exterior mirrors and the air outlet of the hood, the bold combination of colors reflects Honda’s sporting legacy and guarantees that the Limited Edition version stands out as a unique proposal in the segment of the high-performance five-door models.

The interior of the Civic Type R Limited Edition also reflects Honda’s sports line: it offers red-wrapped seats and a red Alcantara steering wheel, all complemented by a tear-shaped shifter knob. Each model incorporates a plate with the car’s manufacturing number.

In tune with its circuit-centered nature, infotainment and air conditioning systems have been eliminated to save weight. It has also managed to reduce more weight regardless of the soundproofing materials of the roof, the rear door panel, the front bumper and the dashboard. The Limited Edition version weighs 47 kg less than a Type R with GT specification. Unlike the five-door models centered on the circuit of the rest of the brands, the Limited Edition version retains the rear seats and is functional for day-to-day life, a characteristic for which the Civic Type R is recognized.

Like the Standard Type R, the Limited Edition version also includes the Honda SENSING driving and safety assistance technology suite as standard, including the impact prevention and mitigation system with the frontal collision warning system, the system of lane departure warning with involuntary lane change warning system, warning and involuntary lane change warning system and adaptive cruise control system.

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The new Limited Edition version retains the powerful 2.0-liter VTEC TURBO engine of the Type R. It offers a maximum power of 235 kW (320 hp) at 6500 rpm and a maximum torque of 400 Nm between 2500 rpm and 4500 rpm. Accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds.

The sale of the exclusive 100 Type R Limited Edition units in Europe will begin during the summer of 2020 and prices will be announced when the commercialization date approaches.

Sport line
The discreet Type R Sport Line further expands the Civic Type R range by 2020, and maintains its sporting lineage and extraordinary driving dynamics, although with a more discreet aerodynamic style and more refined driving.

The most notable difference between the Type R Sport Line and the distinctive style of the Type R series is the lower rear spoiler rather than a high profile spoiler. This gives the vehicle a more subtle silhouette, without giving up its sporty style. The Civic Type R Sport Line version is also distinguished by a marked gray line that runs along the bottom edge of the car.

The Civic Type R GT and the Civic Type R Sport Line of 2020 will be available in the current range of body colors, and a bold new finish is added: the Blue Racing Blue.

The Civic Type R Sport Line version offers a more tame and refined driving experience than that of its more extreme counterparts. The new and exclusive 19-inch alloy wheels in dark gray are accompanied by Michelin Pilot Sports 4S tires, with a softer side wall that improves road comfort, with better performance in terms of noise, vibration and noiseiness (NVH ) through the use of noise-insulating materials in the trunk and at the gate.

The interior of the new Civic Type R Sport Line retains the appeal of a car focused on performance, but with a more subtle atmosphere. The black wrap-around seats with red stitching have been complemented by the new tear-style shifter knob and an Alcantara steering wheel. Red seams are worn throughout the interior, including door panels, to reflect Honda’s sporting legacy.

Like the standard Civic Type R, the new Type R Sport Line is equipped with a series of comfort and safety features. The new version also retains the seven-inch infotainment system, which incorporates DAB radio and is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The new Civic Type R Sport Line will be available from May, with a price starting at € 45,300. .


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