The classic strategy game “Jagged Alliance” series released the latest work “Jagged Alliance 3” developed by the “Paradise Island” team “Jagged Alliance 3”

Game publisher THQ Nordic released the classic strategy game “Jagged Alliance(Jagged Alliance)”’s latest work “Jagged Alliance 3(Jagged Alliance 3)》,由《Witcher“,”Paradise Island”,”Surviving Mars》And other game developers Haemimont Games for research and development.

  《Jagged Alliance“The series is a best-selling work under the Canadian game manufacturer SirTech. The first work was launched in 1995. At the beginning, it attracted the attention of players with its wonderful tactics and full of personality and humorous content. It also made diehard players look forward to the birth of the third generation. . THQ Nordic said that fans have waited a lot and now finally see the legendary strategy series game “Jagged Alliance“The third generation, and Haemimont Games will create a true successor to this series with its rich R&D experience.

  《Jagged Alliance 3“The game story describes the mysterious disappearance of the elected president, the illegal military “legion” taking power, and the country of Canis Majoris plunged into chaos. At this time, the president’s family used all resources (including reaching an agreement with the powerful Adonis company) to hire elite mercenaries. This team will shoulder the important task of finding the president and restoring order to the country.

Players will hire mercenaries and find interesting characters in the game to engage in tactical turn-based battles. exist”Jagged Alliance 3“In “, players can choose elites from many mercenary lineups, each mercenary has its own unique personality, hobbies and background story; players will explore the country of Canis Major, meet new characters on the way, earn money, and develop the team , And ultimately decide the fate of the country with his own hands.

Players can control the country, train local residents, and fight against enemy forces in a dynamic world, and the game will also have a wired cooperation mode, allowing players to experience the fun of the battle with friends.

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