The clean and universal look of Bruno Barbey goes off

Correspondent in Paris

Updated:18/11/2020 01:12h


Bruno Barbey (Berrechid, Morocco, 1941 – Orbais-l’Abbaye, France, 2020) was one of the greats. With a generosity and a clean, universal look that only the photographers very big. He was born and spent his childhood and adolescence in Morocco (Rabat, Tangier, Marrakech), where his father was an official of the French protectorate, and he learned his first rudiments of Tangier Spanish, one of the most minority and threatened Spanish languages, Haquetía / Yaquetía, the Spanish / Judeo-Spanish language of the Sephardic Jews of Morocco.

That cosmopolitan initiation to lifeBetween various cultures, languages ​​and traditions, Eastern and Western, it would illuminate his entire life and his work, colossal, marked by the accidental encounter of other great masters. After some initial studies in Switzerland,


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