The closure of borders prevents the expulsion of 55 immigrants who yesterday assaulted the fence of Melilla

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The Ministry of the Interior did not adopt this Monday “any decision” regarding the possible expulsion of the 55 immigrants who assaulted the Melilla fence at dawn and that at the close of this edition were still in the process of police review and waiting to exercise or not your right to request asylum in Spain. According to official sources, none had expressed that will yesterday, but if the application is processed, the steps for their deportation will be paralyzed and may remain in our country until the resolution of the respective files. That would prevent the Government from attempting an express readmission of these people by Morocco, which on the other hand does not accept the entry into its territory or its own citizens due to the closure of borders that it decreed on March 13 to curb the coronavirus.

At a press conference in La Moncloa, the head of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, limited himself to assuring that his department will process “ordinarily” and “normally” the expulsion files of these immigrants, although he already announced that any order In this sense, it “cannot materialize” due to the aforementioned closure of borders. Consequently, he added, those affected will be incorporated into the National Reception System, in charge of providing accommodation and basic needs to applicants for international protection.

Separately in a canopy

Separately in a sports hall
The group irregularly arrived in Melilla was housed separately yesterday in a sports hall due to the overcrowding of the city’s Temporary Foreigners Stay Center (CETI), to which the immigrants had headed by their own feet after violating the fence, although they had not they were allowed to enter.

The assault, the first successful since the fence is undergoing modernization works, was recorded at five in the morning on Monday in a section near the airport guarded by members of the Army, who have been collaborating with the Civil Guard for a week protection of this border and that of Ceuta. According to the Government Delegation in Melilla, the entry attempt was massive, led by a group of 260 immigrants, part of whom “overcame the Moroccan physical and human device” and entered Spain using great violence. About twenty had to be attended by the Red Cross, four transferred to the hospital for cuts and fractures and two detainees.

On the side of the State’s Security Forces and Corps, two agents of the Armed Institute were injured, one in a hand due to the impact of a stone and the other in a forearm when struggling with an immigrant.

Official sources emphasize the use of hooks, sharp and blunt objects in the midst of great violence, which in August 2018 was enough for the then newly released Government of Pedro Sánchez to expel Morocco in just 24 hours to 116 immigrants entered by Ceuta invoking a 1992 return agreement. A year later, the same procedure could not be activated with 155 others who entered through the same border – in which 8 hot returns occurred – since they requested international protection. The PP claimed yesterday to promote this readmission mechanism.

Negative in the control of contagion by Covid-19
All the immigrants who assaulted the fence in Melilla yesterday are male, there do not appear to be minors among them according to the Government Delegation, and none would present a coronavirus infection once they have undergone the “pertinent health control”. At the moment, neither in the boats registered before or after the state of alarm both in the Mediterranean and on the route of the Canary archipelago have confirmed or suspected cases of infection been found. Last week there was a false alert when it was found that one of the occupants traveling on board a boat registered on Wednesday in Tenerife waters had a fever, although subsequent tests showed that it had nothing to do with the Covid-19, as reported to this newspaper by official sources. .


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