“The Cloud”, “Teddy”: when the French filmmakers seize the fantastic

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Vampires, werewolves, supernatural forces or killer bees: for a long time, so-called “genre”, horror or fantasy films were considered as belonging to series B, even Z. In short, a kind of “sub-cinema”, less noble than the bedroom dramas or historical epics. And then, we thought the genre reserved for American or Asian directors.

Have we ever seen a French creature? Fortunately, first in Avoriaz and now in Gérardmer, French fans had a festival where they could meet and share their passion.

And a generation of filmmakers and writers arrived in France, who no longer hesitated to embrace the genre to expose their vision (stripping or committed) of the world and of society.

Today we are talking about two French films that arrive on French screens crowned with the flattering rumor of Gérardmer: The Cloud, by Just Philippot (who won the Critics’ Prize and the Audience Prize there), which will be released on June 16, 2021 in theaters in France, and Teddy by Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma (released on June 30, 2021).

In The Cloud, we follow Virginie (Suliane Brahim), a farmer, who fights to save her farm from bankruptcy and to raise her two children on her own. She threw herself headlong into the breeding of domestic grasshoppers, and, subject to ever stronger market demands, literally bleed herself to keep up the yields.

Teddy follows the journey of a young marginal (Anthony Bajon) in the Pyrenees. Bitten by a creature, he will gradually transform into a werewolf.

We are talking about The Cloud and French cinema which seizes the genre (horror and fantasy) with Just Philippot, Suliane Brahim and Manuel Chiche (boss of The Jokers, who co-produces and distributes The Cloud, and Teddy).

Also showing in our cinema this week, a report in Brazzaville (by Loïcia Martial) after the screening of the documentary Revolutionary (s), the genesis, by Congolese filmmaker Hassim Tall Boukambou.

Musical breaks: Lost cause, the Billie Eilish ; Talk about it of Jungle; and In Degrees, de Purple Disco Machine.


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