The CNIL gives the green light to the file of vaccinated people

The file called “SI Vaccin Covid”, created by a decree dated December 25, will be operational from January 4.

As mentioned in the decree, it must be used to “ensure the implementation, monitoring and piloting of vaccine campaigns against COVID-19”. It will find its usefulness in particular for phase 4 of clinical trials, that of pharmacovigilance.

It was still necessary for the National Commission for Information Technology and Freedoms to approve the use of personal data, and in particular health data, contained in the file. It’s been done since Tuesday.

What will the file contain?

“SI Vaccin Covid” will list the people vaccinated with their name, first name and date of birth. It will also contain the date and place of vaccination, the reference of the vaccine used and the identity of the caregiver who carried out the injection.

What does the CNIL say?

Consulted, but not decision-making, the CNIL therefore verified the compliance of this future file with the Data Protection Act on the one hand, and the European data protection regulation on the other.


This database used in the strict context of the vaccination campaign and the methods of informing the people who will appear in it are, she said, in accordance with the law and the principles of the protection of personal data.

But this will not prevent the CNIL from carrying out checks, warned its director, Thomas Dautieu. Many fear that the file will subsequently be used to prove who is vaccinated and who is not, and therefore to restrict certain activities to the 2nd category of the population.

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Questioned by France Info, Thomas Dautieu was very clear: “It is not possible in the current state of the texts, it would be illegal”.

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