The collapse of a cliff on motorhomes causes panic among tourists in Spain: “Run!” (video)

Along a beach in La Gomera, several tourists had come to bask in the sun. Alerted by falling rocks from the nearby cliff, they began to see a crack in the rock, reports Le Parisien.

A tourist decides to film the scene when the cliff cracks entirely. Tons of rocks collapsed on the motorhomes below, as well as into the sea. “Run! », Then shouts the man who films, frightened. Eventually, no one was injured and access to the beach was temporarily closed, so as to secure the cliff.

“Impressed by the images of the La Gomera cliff collapse,” Pedro Sanchez, the head of the Spanish government, said on Twitter. “We remain attentive to the evolution of the work of the emergency and rescue services which have mobilized in the region. We hope that the news will be good and that no victims are to be deplored ”.


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