the comedian is not returning to pre-trial detention

The investigation chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed this Tuesday morning the maintenance of the judicial control of the comedian, with a ban on leaving the hospital.

By Le Figaro with AFP

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The investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed this morning that Pierre Palmade would not return to pre-trial detention. Last Friday, the parties were heard by the investigating judge who indicated that he would render his decision on Tuesday March 14.

This Tuesday, the investigating chamber therefore held that “Pierre Palmade’s state of health was not incompatible with continued detention“, adding that she has, however, “considered that the development of this state of health reduced the risks on which the decision to place him in pre-trial detention was based“. His placement under judicial supervision, with “prohibition on leaving the hospital establishment where he is cared for”, was maintained, indicated the parquet floor of the Paris Court of Appeal.

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The comedian was placed in pre-trial detention on February 27, but never physically entered prison, having been locked on his hospital bed on which he was being treated. The investigating judge of Melun, in charge of the investigation, acceded eight days ago to a request for release made by the 54-year-old comedian. A decision which the prosecution immediately appealed. The investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal, on which Seine-et-Marne depends, heard the parties on Friday and reserved its decision for Tuesday 9 a.m.

Close surveillance in a hospital room

Last week, the judge in charge of the case accepted, for “medical reasons”, the request for release made by the actor’s lawyer, Maître Céline Lasek. But the prosecution had appealed with a summary detention, which had the effect of suspending the release of the respondent.

On February 10, on a departmental road in Seine-et-Marne, Pierre Palmade was driving a car that hit a vehicle coming in front. In addition to the actor, the accident left three seriously injured: a 38-year-old man, his 6-year-old son and his 27-year-old sister-in-law, who lost the baby she was expecting after the collision. In police custody, Pierre Palmade, plagued for decades with drug addiction problems, admitted to having consumed cocaine and synthetic drugs before driving, according to the Melun prosecution. He was indicted for homicide and involuntary injuries by driver having used narcotics in a state of legal recidivism.

In recent days, reclusive in a hospital room, Pierre Palmade was closely watched by police. He could no longer receive visitors without a permit being issued by the judge and all of his means of communication had been withdrawn. In addition to this case, there are investigations into the possession of child pornography images, launched after a report was made to the police. At this stage, no charges have been brought against the comedian in this case.

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