the communal coordination of BBY of Rufisque Ouest disqualifies Ismaïla Madior Fall and warns.

After the exit of Minister of State Ismaïla Madior Fall who wanted to provide details on the choice of candidates who will have to seek the popular vote, political leaders of the BBY coalition wanted to respond.

And it is Mr. Mamadou Thiombane Lô, member of the communication unit of BBY / Rufisque Ouest, who stepped up to the plate. So he will say: “We were surprised by the comments made by Ismaïla M. Fall. Surprised because coming from someone some consider responsible. A manager is not a level of education, it is first and foremost a behavior. Ismaïla Madior Fall has let it be known that he is the only Rufisquois who is part of the executive secretariat of the RPA. But he forgets that being a member of the executive secretariat is not due to his merit. This does not mean that he has a political base or proof of any representativeness in Rufisque, because he is out of step with the realities of the Rufisquois. He doesn’t even reside here. This is why we understand him because he has never had to occupy an elective position, ”Mr. Lô said straight away.

Also on the sidelines of his visit to the fishing pier, the Minister of State also affirmed that he had initiated steps with the political leaders of the RPA, but also of the BBY coalition of Rufisque.

But according to Mamadou Thiombane Lô, “to bring together members of the same group, you must first be part of it. Those he had gathered (last August 25), none of them is representative in the three municipalities of Rufisque. The political leaders of Rufisque are Albé Ndoye in the East, Oumar Mané in the North, Souleymane Ndoye in the West. Whoever is not in harmony with these you should in no case speak on their behalf. So far Ismaïla M. Fall has not met any mayor or any major political leader, nor the RPA and even less other political groups, ”he said.

In addition, the politician will react to the exit of Abdou Salam Guèye, a close friend of the Minister of State who had told anyone who wanted to hear that the candidacy of his mentor is more than legitimate. Indeed, according to him, “Abdou Salam Guèye, which is true, is part of the RPA, but weighs nothing at all, even I am more representative than him”, he said. .

Finally, Mr. Lô wished to recall that the former Minister of Justice only came to Rufisque in 2019 during the presidential election and never took part in the meetings organized by his comrades. But the ridiculous does not kill. In addition, it is out of step with the realities of the Rufisquois. To know the problem of the Rufisquois, you have to live in Rufisque, Ismaïla does not even live here. he never had to hold an elective position. It is the President of the Republic who has always appointed him to positions. While political leaders have always been present and are still there to look after the needs of the populations, as for the floods which have occurred recently. ”

As an example he will quote the deputy Souleymane Ndoye, president of the Departmental Council, who has released large resources in several districts of Rufisque for the evacuation of rainwater.

As a reminder, the BBY coalition, extended to the presidential majority, was reinforced a few months ago in the commune of Rufisque Ouest under the supervision of Deputy Souleymane Ndoye.


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