the community no longer has to pay the medical costs of “not vaccinated by choice”, estimates the Belgian Association of Taxpayers

For this association chaired by the Brussels deputy MR and former alderman of the City of Brussels Geoffroy Coomans de Brachène, “after 2 years of an unprecedented health crisis which caused tens of thousands of victims in the country, considerably weakened the economy and state finances”, a strong measure is needed in this direction.

The association asks that, following the example of that of Singapore, the Belgian government renounces, from next February 1st, the assumption by the community of the medical expenses of the “non-vaccinated by choice” in the event of hospitalization related to Covid-19.

Currently, the Belgian State covers all medical costs for anyone hospitalized for the coronavirus, although this represents “a colossal cost for the community, beyond the pressure on the medical teams, with average amounts from 3,500 to 5,000€/day”, underlined Wednesday the president of the Belgian Association of Taxpayers.

According to him, it is not uncommon for some patients to stay in intensive care for several weeks, or even more than 2 months, in addition to the months of convalescence. Invoices can therefore rise to more than €200,000 per patient. And for the time being, they are entirely paid for by Belgian taxpayers.

“One year after the first large-scale vaccinations, and the undeniable results in limiting the pandemic, it is time for everyone to take responsibility. Our association does not require compulsory vaccination. However, she wants those who make the deliberate choice to refuse the vaccine to draw conclusions, including in the event of complications. It would be possible for them to take out additional private insurance to cover any costs. As is the case in Singapore, we propose that the costs of those who could not be vaccinated for medical reasons, or those of children under the age of 12 are also covered,” said Geoffroy Coomans de Brachène. , during a communication to the Belga agency.

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