The Competition of the Telecommunication Industry is Tighter, Various Innovations Are Prepared – A report released by the global rating agency, Fitch Ratings, at the end of 2020, rated that competition was on telecommunication industry Indonesia is getting stricter.

This intense competition encourages operators telecommunication creating various innovations, at rational prices in order to remain acceptable to the market, especially considering the conditions in the midst of this pandemic.

This competition, for example, can be seen when telecommunication operators are competing to offer the best internet packages, at affordable prices, until the segment has shifted to offering unlimited internet data packages (unlimited).

by.U, as Indonesia’s digital provider, has come up with innovations with a variety of package options tailored to its main target market, namely Gen Z and Millennials.

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Provider digital by.U. [by.U]

Both generations are considered to like experiences that can be personalized according to their needs, therefore by.U is here to give them convenience and freedom.

“In the development phase of by.U, we continue to focus on improving and looking for the latest innovations for by.U in order to always fulfill customer desires,” said by.U Vice President, Trio Lumbantoruan.

He also continued that these innovations are expected for customers to continue their activities smoothly, whether at school, work, or in communication, which are supported by quality internet access but at affordable prices.

Since its first launch last October 2019, by.U has always listened to the desires of its consumers through various social media platforms.

One of the internet package innovations that have been presented by.U, is the Daily Cuan Promo program for 1 month (7 November 2020- 7 December 2020).

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Innovation continues with attractive packages such as Reflected For U Stamped Two Thumbs 50 GB 30 days 120 thousand and Reflected For U Stamped One Thumb 35 GB 30 days 100 thousand.


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