The complete guide to the aircraft that crossed the skies of CDMX in the 2020 Military Parade

More than 50 planes and helicopters of the Armed Forces of Mexico participated in the military parade in commemoration of the 210th anniversary of Independence. (Photo: Presidency of Mexico)

This Wednesday morning 54 aircrafts of the Armed Forces of Mexico crossed the sky over the capital of the country as part of the traditional military parade that takes place every September 16 to commemorate the independence of Mexico.

Before the start of the parade, elements of the Special Forces Group of the Mexican Army carried out a impressive fast rope descent operation from helicopters Cougar EC-725, which flew over the plank of the capital’s Zócalo at a height of 30 meters.


At the same time, Two MD-530F Helicopters of the Mexican Air Force (FAM) carried out an “aerial umbrella” as air-ground security support for the members of the Armed Forces who descended by a rope from the other helicopters. Although they are quite small, these aircraft can be armed with rocket launchers or machine guns of different calibers


Some minutes later, A formation of 20 Texan T-6C + planes crossed the sky with white smoke trails in recognition of the effort made by the federal government and the public to contain the adverse effects of the pandemic generated by COVID-19. This year, one of the T-6C + aircraft that participated in the military sample was piloted by two women.


In another moment of the parade, Three Boeing 737/800 passenger planes flew over the capital’s Zócalo plate, these had the important task of repatriating more than a thousand Mexican nationals that were stranded in different countries due to the cancellation of flights derived from the coronavirus pandemic.


These military passenger aircraft they were escorted by two F-5 model supersonic fighter jets. These aircraft are designed to be occupied by a single crew member, and can be armed with two 20-millimeter cannons, two rocket containers, two AIM 9P missiles and several bombs.


Later, a mixed aerial formation was presented with an air escort of eight turboprop T-6C + Texan-II aircraft, accompanying two military cargo aircraft. The formation was led by a C-130 medium-heavy tactical transport aircraft. Popularly known as HerculesThese are one of the largest military aircraft that have ever existed in history.


Behind the Hercules plane a Spartan C-27J medium tactical transport aircraft was also flying. These aircraft have completed missions to deliver medical supplies throughout the country, in support of the containment and care strategy for the COVID-19 pandemic.


During the military exhibition also A squadron of four CASA C-295 aircraft appeared, medium tactical transport aircraft that have also been occupied during the pandemic for the transport of medicines and medical supplies in the country.

To end the participation of the Mexican Air Force an aerial formation made up of three MI-17 transport helicopters appeared at the military parade, which are designed to carry up to 4 crew members, 22 armed troops and up to 24 passengers. With a load capacity of up to 4 thousand kilograms, they are usually used for airlift operations.


These large helicopters were accompanied by five UH-60 utility helicopters, better known as the Black Hawk. Designed in the United States, these aircraft can carry 3 crew members, 12 passengers or armed troops.


This last group of helicopters from the Mexican Armed Forces could be seen for much of the morning circling over the Del Valle neighborhood, waiting for their turn to participate in the parade.

The Mexican Armed Forces are also equipped with many other aerial vehicles to carry out their important security tasks, in this commemorative parade of independence only a few of them participated.


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