The complicated days of Fernanda Castillo: after suffering two heart attacks, the actress would have had her womb removed

Little by little details about the actress’s health have been revealed Fernanda Castillo, who was hospitalized last week for an obstetric hemorrhage that had her on the verge of death.

The last month has not been the best for the family that Castillo formed with the actir Erik Hayser and is that after becoming parents for the first time, the famous Mexican’s health deteriorated rapidly and she had to be admitted to the Spanish Hospital, where she overcame a birth complication she had in mid-December.

The actress was admitted with an obstetric hemorrhage, but already in the medical unit she suffered two heart attacks that compromised most of her organs, and according to the magazine TV Notes, you will not be able to have children again.

The Mexican publication consulted a friend of the couple, who revealed that Fernanda presented several bleeds “that got worse from one moment to the next.”

(Photo: Fernanda Castillo's Instagram)

(Photo: Fernanda Castillo’s Instagram)

“As she was admitted, she had a decompensation due to the loss of blood and almost gave her a respiratory arrest; the doctors even activated the blue code (medical alarm system for patients in respiratory arrest), but fortunately Fer managed to endure the surgery ”, the source commented to the magazine.

The same friend commented that the famous one did have several complications with her health and for this reason she can now have children again: “They had to do an emergency hysterectomy to remove the uterus and stop the bleeding. After the surgery, they gave him a blood transfusion to help him recover ”.

Fernanda Castillo and Erik Hayser became parents on December 19 of last year. The arrival of little Liam filled with love the home of the couple who have been together for several years and who got engaged in early 2020.

“Liam Hayser Castillo 19/12/2020 / We are three”, both interpreters wrote on their Instagram accounts next to the photograph of their son.

A month after the birth, Fernanda’s health deteriorated so much that she had to be hospitalized on January 11. The magazine TVyNovelas reported that the actress was admitted to the Spanish Hospital for presenting an obstetric hemorrhage, she also had to be operated on because her organs were already compromised.

Fernanda Castillo's message about her health

Fernanda Castillo’s message about her health

The actress was discharged for the 15th of this month and it was yesterday when she finally broke the silence about her health situation.

“Last monday I had to be hospitalized urgently for a severe late complication of my postpartum. It was a very difficult week but today I’m fine, at home and with my family, ”he commented on his Instagram account at the beginning of this week.

She assured that her fiancé Erik Hayeser and her son Liam are her “reason to fight”; while he referred to the specialists as those responsible for preserving his health: “Thank you Dr Patricio Sanhueza Smith for saving my life, Thanks Dr Edgar Cornejo, to my midwife Paula Rivera @dentrateyuyin, to all the doctors, residents, nurses and orderlies of the Spanish Hospital who they took care of me so that today I can be writing this.

He stressed that he will continue to be careful and for the same reason he asked the press “The respect for silence and the space that I need to regain my health in every way”.

Her mother had already given some details about Fernanda’s health. From his social networks he commented: “Thank you all for your nice messages for me and my daughter Fer. I want to share with you that I received the most beautiful birthday gift that I have ever received on January 11, after how serious it was, to see my daughter alive ”.


Fernanda Castillo would have suffered two heart attacks after an obstetric hemorrhage

Fernanda Castillo reappeared after being hospitalized urgently: “Thank you for saving my life”

They report that Fernanda Castillo was hospitalized in an emergency

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