The Connecticut family man, who was searched for two murders, asks him to surrender when the FBI joins the search

The family of a Connecticut man who is being searched for two murders asks him to surrender peacefully as the FBI joins the intensified search for her son.

Peter Manfredonia, 23, was last seen walking on Sunday in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, in the Poconos region.

The Connecticut State Police report that he left the scene of a murder in Willington, Connecticut on Friday. He later arrested another person against his will during a house invasion in the same city and stole that person’s weapons and truck. On Sunday, police said he went to a friend’s house in Derby, Connecticut, where he killed another person.

The FBI Philadelphia announced on Monday that they would assist in the search for Manfredonia and that it was considered “armed and dangerous”.

Lawyer Michael Dolan said on behalf of Manfredonia’s parents on Monday that Manfredonia has been struggling with mental health problems in recent years and has sought help from therapists.

“Peter, if you listen you will be loved. Your parents, your sisters, your whole family loves you. Nobody wants you to be harmed. It is time to start the healing process,” Dolan said in a news conference.

“It’s time to surrender. You have your parents and your sisters and all the support from your family,” said Dolan. “So Peter, from your parents: We love you. Please give yourself up.”

The parents also expressed condolences to the families of the victims, said Dolan. The parents had had no contact with their son, he said.

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The man who died in the attack on Willington was identified as Theodore Demers, 62, NBC Connecticut reported. The home invasion person was not reported injured.

The state police announced on Monday that the murder of the derby found 23-year-old Nicholas J. Eisele dead and another person abducted from the house.

This person was found in Patterson, New Jersey and “clearly identified the kidnapper as Peter Manfredonia,” the Connecticut state police said in a statement. The person who was kidnapped was not injured. Your identity has not been published.

The Derby police stated in a statement that Eisele’s death was murder and identified the person who was taken against her will as Eisele’s girlfriend. She was not physically injured, and the New Jersey State Police found her and her black Volkswagen Jetta at a rest area in 2016, the derby police said.

“Manfredonia and Eisele were known,” said the derby police, adding that Manfredonia was the suspect of his killing and kidnapping.

Dolan, the family lawyer, said Monday that Manfredonia graduated from Newtown High School, studied at the University of Connecticut, and was working on a degree in finance and engineering.

Manfredonia was a senior at the University of Connecticut, but was not on campus at the time of the attack in Willington, a UConn spokeswoman said.

The state police said pistols and long weapons were stolen during the house invasion. The stolen car was found abandoned near a state park in Derby.

Willington is a city of approximately 6,000 people east of Hartford, and Derby is a city of approximately 60 miles west of New Haven.

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