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PLAYSTATION 5 – It’s the big day for the Playstation 5. Sony is releasing its brand new console, with two models starting at € 399.99. While resellers have promised new stocking during the day, we take stock of what you need to know about the PS5.

For the end of the year, Sony is betting on two models for its Playstation 5: a standard edition at 499.99 € and a digital edition without a disc player at 399.99 €. From the launch of pre-orders, the two models faced stock shortages, so much so that the strong demand could not be fully satisfied in France where online resellers are preparing to reopen orders. for limited stocks. For example, we know that Boulanger will reopen its stocks at around 9 a.m., Fnac at 10 a.m., Leclerc around 11 a.m. and Amazon at 1 p.m. For enthusiasts who have decided to take the plunge from the day of the release, it is therefore a long day that promises to refresh the pages of e-commerce sites of which here are the links.

Buy the PS5 Standard Edition at Boulanger | Buy the PS5 Digital Edition at Boulanger

Buy the PS5 Standard Edition at Fnac | Buy the PS5 Digital Edition at Fnac

Buy the PS5 Standard Edition from Amazon | Buy the PS5 Digital Edition from Amazon

Buy the PS5 Standard Edition at Darty

Buy the PS5 Standard Edition at Cultura

And immediately


09:10 – Fnac warns some customers of a delay in their delivery of PS5

Yesterday in the evening, some buyers of the Playstation 5 were informed by Fnac that the delivery of their new Sony console would be postponed due to stock problems. Aware of the disappointment that this announcement can cause, the cultural store also warned these disappointed buyers that they would soon receive a voucher of 50 euros.

08:52 – Leclerc should put his PS5 online around 11 a.m.

It is a marathon morning which is committed for the buyers in a hurry to put a PS5 on their TV cabinet. After Boulangern la Fnac, Amazon and Cdiscount, it is the Leclerc cultural space which announces the sale of new stocks of Playstation 5. This time, it will be around 11 am, an indicative schedule which is subject to change if need.

08:44 – At what time can we expect to be able to order our PS5?

This is the question that burns the lips of future buyers of the Playstation 5: when will e-commerce sites put it on sale today? Some resellers have already communicated on an indicative schedule. Boulanger plans to launch his orders at 9 a.m., Fnac at 10 a.m., Leclerc Culture at around 11 a.m. and Amazon at 1 p.m. Cdiscount also intends to reopen its stocks in the morning, without further details. Note that these times are certainly changing and could change without warning. So be vigilant about this. From our side, we will try to keep you informed as soon as possible as soon as these offers are online.

08:31 – New stocks of Playstation 5 put on sale during the day?

For the past few days, online resellers have announced their plans to make the PS5 available to gamers who can’t wait to buy it. Problem: These stocks will be limited and should therefore be gone as quickly as they appear online. It will therefore be necessary to be particularly vigilant on the websites of Boulanger, Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscount or even Darty.

08:24 – Boulanger’s website already in trouble

While Boulanger’s website is supposed to be the first to put Playstation 5 restocks on sale, it already seems to be seeing a very high influx of visitors. At the time of writing, nearly 40 minutes before the indicative online publication, the site puts Internet users in a queue. “Due to a large number of connections, our loading time is longer than normal” explains on the waiting page. It’s going to be a long morning for buyers in a hurry to get their PS5 …

08:16 – The PS5, out of stock since pre-orders

The context of the manufacture of the Playstation 5 is very particular. While the coronavirus pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the economy of many countries, assembling the console has been particularly complex. This also explains why the console is not available in sufficient quantity for everyone. Pre-orders have proven it: the PS5 has already been out of stock for a few weeks. However, French online resellers have left hope: the machine should be made available in limited quantities as of Thursday, November 19. We will therefore follow the development of these sales with you throughout the day.

8:01 AM – The Playstation 5 released today!

Hello everyone and welcome to this live dedicated to the release of the Playstation 5. The new Sony console, available in two models, is released today in France and many buyers who have pre-ordered it should receive it this day. For others, this day is also marked by the hope of finally being able to order it. After several weeks out of stock, many resellers have promised the sale of limited stocks this Thursday, November 19. Throughout the day, we invite you to follow the news of the console, the sale of new stocks but also information about the PS5 and its games available at launch and after.


Learn more about the Playstation 5

In mid-September 2020, Sony finally announced the release date of its Playstation 5 during a video conference dedicated to its new console. The manufacturer explained that the two versions of the machine would go on sale in two stages. First on November 12 in North America and Japan among others. Then on November 19 in the rest of the world. In France, it is therefore on November 19 that the PS5 was released in its two models: the Digital Edition and the Standard Edition.

The Playstation 5 comes in two models: a classic model with a 4K UHD bluray disc player and a model named Digital Edition without a disc player. Logically, the PS5 Digital Edition is in fact offered at a lower price than the “classic” PS5. Indeed, the Playstation 5 Digital Edition is sold at a price of 399.99 € while the Playstation 5 is offered at a price of 499.99 €, the same price as its competitor, the Xbox Series X.

A console is nothing without its games and, for once, the Playstation 5 is launching on the market with a catalog that is enviable despite a very low number of exclusives. However, the promise of a high-end gaming experience, whether in terms of graphics or fluidity all with immensely reduced loading times, is kept. To help you see more clearly, we have concocted a selection of games to watch for the launch of the PS5 but also in the coming months. Enough to allow you to choose the video game experiences that will please you the most on the Sony console.

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